Information for Preceptors and Clinical Faculty

Preceptor Perks Program

Being a preceptor is a great way to help the profession.  Not only does precepting help the students but it also helps continue preceptors growth as clinicians.  No matter how prepared you may be students push your expertise to its limits and allow reflection on your own limitations.  Preceptors for the GVSU PAS Program are awarded other privileges as well.  These include access to GVSU libraries, discount at Grand Rapids downtown YMCA, and CME programs at the Cook-Devos Center for Health Sciences.  

For information about becoming a preceptor for the GVSU PA Program contact one of our clinical coordinators Charlene Dubois or Mandy German


Preceptor Brochure

PAS Student Learners Roles

Our program is divided into two sections the didactic (PA-S1) and the clinical (PA-S2).  As a student progresses through these stages of education so does the expectations that our Program sets for them.  Below you will find general information as to what is expected of a PA-S1 and PA-S2 level student.  It describes general responsibilities and educational objectives we set in place for students such as case presentations, formulating a differential diagnosis and therapeutic intervention.  



Rotation Objectives

We provide objectives for our students and preceptors for all of our core rotations.  Below you will find a list of the objectives by specialty to help in precepting GVSU PAS Students.

       Emergency Medicine      Family Practice

       Internal Medicine            Psychiatry

       Rural/Underserved         Surgery

       Women's Health

Credentialing Information

The GVSU Physician Assistant Studies students undergo extension health screening and hospital training for addressing compliance issues with state and federal guidelines. The training and screening include HIPAA certification, OSHA training, immunization verification to include Hepatitis B, current annual TB skin test, and recent criminal background check. Once a student is confirmed to rotate with a preceptor site, proof of this information is provided from the program and the student.

Click here for a list addressing health compliance for the student.