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CPC Bylaws (new version coming soon)

Bylaws for CLAS Faculty Governance 2017




Committee membership


Committee roster  


 If you have any questions, please contact the Chair of Faculty Council  Michael Henshaw (henshawm@gvsu.edu or call 1-2118) .



Ballot (is now closed)

Faculty must vote to approve or not to approve the 2 Bylaws changes (no abstentions on this important governance issue). Voting for seats on committees is through approval voting (vote for everyone who can ‘do the job’).


More on CLAS Committees

More on University Committees (Faculty Handbook)

2017-2018 chairs

Governance Chairs are:

FC = Michael Henshaw (BIO)

CPC = Colleen Lewis (MOV)

CCC = Darren Parker (MTH)

FDC = Shannon Biros (CHM)


Bylaws for CLAS Faculty Governance (revised 2011)

CLAS Committees--description, history of chairs, workload, usual meeting times

CLAS Standards and Criteria for Personnel Evaluation (Pdf)

Outcomes of OOTB workshops

Committee Reports by Year

Older CLAS Governance reports

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