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Faculty Governance & Elections

Fall 2016 election

CLAS Faculty Council is running a Fall election to:


1) vote on the revised Faculty Council Bylaws,


2) elect a tenure track Faculty member to the newly approved Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC) and


3) fill Winter seats on CLAS committees (Faculty Council, Curriculum and Faculty Development) along with Honors College Council.  


This election process begins with the nomination of CLAS faculty for those committees.  The nomination website opened today and will remain open for 2 weeks (until 5 PM on Sept 30th).  Please use this webpage for access to the nominations webpage along with information on AFAC, the committees with openings and the revised Faculty Council Bylaws.   

Bylaws documents:  Current Bylaws     Proposed Bylaws revision    Bylaws

Faculty members can self nominate or nominate a CLAS colleagues (be sure to use a correct GVSU email address).  If nominated, you will receive an email from GVSU Ballots asking you to click on the link and go to the website to confirm (accept) the nomination.  The website includes a box to explain your interest in serving on each committee (this will appear on the election ballot). While you can accept a nomination without including text, it is helpful to explain to colleagues why you are a good fit for the committee and we strongly recommend that you do so.  Voting for committees (which will start on Oct 5 and run for 2 weeks)  is by approval (vote for every person you think can do the job) so the individuals with the greatest number of approval votes will be seated.  It there is a tie, a coin flip will be used to break the tie.  

During the nomination period, please take the time to read through the changes to the Bylaws.  The impetus for those changes was the difficulties encountered running the Winter election.  In particular, finishing the election before Spring Break.  The changes in the Winter election prompted changes in the timing of the Fall election (to keep them consistent).  Some clarifications were also required.


Vote (during election period)


2016-2017 AY CLAS Faculty Governance Chairs

Faculty Council: David Kurjiaka

Faculty Development Committee: Caitlin Horrocks

Curriculum Committee: Darren Parker (F'16) Beth Gibbs (W '17)

Personnel Committee: Mark Williams 

(Please note that changes to committees take place from time to time and these documents will be updated. For information, contact Faculty Council Chair David Kurjiaka).


Bylaws for CLAS Faculty Governance (revised 2011)

CLAS Committees--description, history of chairs, workload, usual meeting times

CLAS Standards and Criteria for Personnel Evaluation (Pdf)

Outcomes of OOTB workshops

Committee Reports by Year

Older CLAS Governance reports