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Election 2015  Results

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Congratulations to those elected.  Just missed out?  There are additional opportunities to serve.  Feel free to contact the Faculty Council Chair Stephen Matchett to lodge your interest.



CLAS Faculty:

The election ran from Tuesday, February 3rd until 5pm on Monday, February 16th.  


Why are elections earlier this year?

In the spirit of the new year, we have made a few changes in the timing of the Winter CLAS elections for all of the available committee positions.  In years past, running the elections in the middle of the Winter term meant that the election was running during spring break or that unit heads were scheduling faculty for classes before the results of the elections were available.  This later problem has inadvertently resulted in newly elected faculty being unable to serve due to conflicts with their classes.  In an effort to minimize these issues where possible, the election cycle has been moved forward.

Why Should I Serve?

Service is a part of everyone's job and allows each of us to have a say in how the University operates and is governed.  Moving beyond your department establishes connections across the campus and gives you a broader view of the problems that higher education faces.  We want you to be part of the solution, we want you to "Let Your Voice Be Heard."  To this end, Faculty Council has put together the 90 second video above that gives you a fun vignette of what it means to serve.  Have a brief look at some of those who serve and why.  Who knows, you might even see yourself.  

We have a place for you, Let Your Voice Be Heard,

Steve Matchett


Chair, Faculty Council



Fall 2014 Special Election Results               

CLAS Faculty;

   The fall election has ended and the results have been verified.  Please join me in congratulating all of the winners that are listed below.  I would also like to extend a sincere thanks to all those who ran for one of the available seats.  We hope to see your names (and those of anyone who wishes to step up and help with the process of shared governance) when the full scale Winter election rolls around at the start of next semester.  My thanks also to the unit heads of all of the nominees (AAAS, ANT, ART, BIO, BMS, CMB, COM, HST,  MLL, MUS, PSY, and SOC)  for supporting their faculty to run for these positions.


These positions are effective immediately:

Newly Seated are:

Richard Yidana (SOC & AAAS)  A three year term on the CLAS  Personnel Committee

Francis A. Sylvester (BMS)  A two year term on the University Curriculum Committee

Yosay Wangdi (HST) A one year term on University Assessment Committee 

Josita Maouene (PSY) A one year term on the General Education Committee

Patrick Thorpe (BIO & CMB) A two year term on the General Education Committee


Congratulations to all,

Steve Matchett, Chair Faculty Council



2014-2015 CLAS and University Committee membership (updated 12/2214)

(Please note that additional changes to committees take place from time to time and these documents will be updated. For information, contact Faculty Council Chair Stephen Matchett).

Bylaws for CLAS Faculty Governance (revised 2011)

Committee Information (updated 7/15/14) 

CLAS Committees--description, history of chairs, workload, usual meeting times


CLAS Governance Committee Reports 2014:

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CLAS Faculty Development Committee 2013-2014

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CLAS Governance Committee Reports 2011:

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CLAS Standards and Criteria for Personnel Evaluation (Pdf)


2008-09 Reports from the Standing University Committee Chairs are posted on the GVSU Faculty Governance Web site.

Faculty Development Committee statement of principle on teaching evaluations

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