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Fall 2014 Special Election                NOMINATE

Greetings CLAS Faculty:

    This fall we have had a large number of unanticipated openings on various committees across the college.  While many of these have been filled using the next highest vote getters from the previous election, several of these seats do not have available alternates.  To solve this problem and ensure that each committee has the people they need, there will be a Special CLAS Election this fall

Nominations for each of the 5 positions will open at 8am Friday, September 5 and remain open until 5pm on Monday, September 15.  extended the nomination deadline until 5pm on Friday, September 19th.  

While not a full election like those held in the Winter, the need to fill these select positions is still great. The available positions are:

CLAS Personnel Committee (1 three year term starting Winter 2015 through Winter 2017) This committee meets 3-5pm on Fridays.

Units not eligible: ART, AWRI, BIO, BMS, CHM, CLA, COM, HST, MLL, MOV, MTH, MUS


University Curriculum Committee This is a full 2 year term ending in 2016 for UCC (no restrictions).  UCC meets Wednesdays from 2-4pm.

University Assessment Committee (1 one year term through the Winter of 2015) This committee meets 3-5pm on alternate Mondays.

General Education Committee (1 one year term through Winter 2015 and 1 two year term through Winter 2016) This committee meets from 2:30-4:30pm on Mondays (alternating between the campuses).

You may self nominate or nominate someone else.  Be sure to talk with the person before nominating them since we must receive their approval before they can be placed on the ballot.  The nomination process can be accessed via the following link:

If you are curious about what all is involved with each committee, the following link will take you to a description of their functions. (

This is an opportunity to become involved and to give you department a voice on some of the more powerful committees in faculty governance.  Just getting started in College service?  Why not nominate yourself for a one-year replacement term to learn the ropes and build your experience.  Looking to make a real difference? Try for the full term positions. Either way, you can help to build the environment that you want to see at Grand Valley.

~Stephen Matchett, Chair

Faculty Council




Election results, posted 3/14/14, for
CLAS faculty elected to CLAS and University committees

2014-2015 CLAS and University Committee membership (updated 3/30/14)

 2013-2014 CLAS and University Committee membership (updated 2/21/14)

(Please note that additional changes to committees take place from time to time and these documents will be updated. For information, contact Faculty Council Chair Stephen Matchett).

Bylaws for CLAS Faculty Governance (revised 2011)

Committee Information (updated 7/15/14) 

CLAS Committees--description, history of chairs, workload, usual meeting times


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CLAS Standards and Criteria for Personnel Evaluation (Pdf)


2008-09 Reports from the Standing University Committee Chairs are posted on the GVSU Faculty Governance Web site.

Faculty Development Committee statement of principle on teaching evaluations

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