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Faculty Governance & Elections


Faculty must vote to approve or not to approve the 2 Bylaws changes (no abstentions on this important governance issue). Voting for seats on committees is through approval voting (vote for everyone who can ‘do the job’).


More on CLAS Committees

More on University Committees (Faculty Handbook)

Tenure track election: nomination have been extended until Tues (5 PM) in order to recruit more people for committees

Election open Monday 2/22 at 8 AM

Election close Monday 3/1 at 5 PM

Winter 2017 election

Tenure track Faculty Winter Elections for 2017-18

Faculty Council is working to prepare the Winter election for CLAS Tenure line faculty.  Multiple seats are available in almost every College and University committee.  The nominations link on this webpage will open at 8 AM on Friday, February 3 for a 2 week period.  Faculty can self nominate or nominate a CLAS faculty colleague (using their GVSU email).  Each nominee will receive an email asking them to accept the nomination (or not).  Please include in the text box your primary dept designation and a statement about why you are interested in the position.  While a statement is no longer required, the absence of a statement addressing why you are interested in the committee does impact approval voting.  

At the same time, there are 2 Bylaws documents that CLAS faculty must decide whether to approve: CLAS Faculty Governance and CLAS Personnel Committee.  Fora will be held for CLAS faculty to ask for clarification on the changes to the current Bylaws. The CLAS Faculty Governance Bylaws changes were focused on 2 issues: ensuring the Winter election is completed before Spring break (new committee members are due to the Provosts office on Mar 15) and addressing the changes to the Administrative manual that affected CPC.   Previous committee Bylaws (along with the current drafts once completed) are posted in Blackboard (My Organization - CLAS FACULTY – Faculty Governance – Bylaws).  


The Chairs of CFC and CPC will be available in LHH 132 on

Feb. 9 at 2:30-3:50pm

Feb. 16 at 12:00-1:30pm.  These were the only times that both Chairs could fit the meeting into our schedule.  

Please take the time to talk to your unit head if you are considering running for a seat on a committee.  If you have any questions about the election or about the changes in Bylaws, please contact the Chair of Faculty council at or 1-8975.




2016-2017 AY CLAS Faculty Governance Chairs

Faculty Council: David Kurjiaka

Faculty Development Committee: Caitlin Horrocks

Curriculum Committee: Darren Parker (F'16) Beth Gibbs (W '17)

Personnel Committee: Mark Williams 

(Please note that changes to committees take place from time to time and these documents will be updated. For information, contact Faculty Council Chair David Kurjiaka).


Bylaws for CLAS Faculty Governance (revised 2011)

CLAS Committees--description, history of chairs, workload, usual meeting times

CLAS Standards and Criteria for Personnel Evaluation (Pdf)

Outcomes of OOTB workshops

Committee Reports by Year

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