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Welcome to the heart of Grand Valley State University, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences! CLAS was was created on July 1, 2004, becoming immediately the largest of the University's colleges, with the widest range of courses and curricula. Our students can choose more than 50 bachelors degrees (and a growing number of advanced degrees) in the natural and mathematical sciences, humanities, the fine and performing arts, and the social sciences. And of course GVSU undergraduates in all fields build the foundation for their major studies in general education courses offered by our College. It all starts here.

What do we really mean when we say that CLAS is the heart of Grand Valley? Our College embodies GVSU's commitment to undergraduate teaching and individual attention to student learning. Moreover, our students find there's something life-changing about study in the liberal arts and sciences. We are distinctive in both range and depth: the College offers well over 1,000 courses, from Athletic Training to Music to Psychology to Zoology, exploring the most profound artistic, scientific, cultural and social questions that human beings have formulated and pursued. Our students learn about the birth of stars and tsunamis, help make a film with professional actors and directors, explore the ethical considerations in human genetics, play with the possibilities of geographic information systems. And we're also all about recharging the batteries and refreshing the mind and heart: our faculty keep their courses state-of-the-art through their own scholarship; our vital tradition of the literary, studio and performing arts enriches the entire community.

At a moment in history when change is broader, deeper and more rapid than ever, what could be more useful than learning how to learn? The liberal arts and sciences build exactly those dynamic habits and transportable skills of inquiry, analysis and communication that will liberate you to make the world your own, even as you realize your place in it. Broad exposure, deep challenge, and vibrant, continuing, self actuated growth -- growth of knowledge, and growth in individuals and among people--are what our students find in the liberal arts and sciences at Grand Valley. And as you'll see in the news, features, events and spotlights on our site, students can choose from an abundant supply of opportunities for active and engaged learning, and a lot of fun along the way.

Enjoy your exploration through our website, and please return to visit us often--we are continuously updating our pages with the latest information. If the College can be of service to you in any way, we have phone numbers and e-mail addresses throughout our site, and we'll be glad to help you find whatever information you may need. And whether you're an alum, a prospective student, a constituent in the state, or a new member of our College, I want to know your responses to our College site. Below is a link for your feedback; please let us know what you think, how we can help you, or how we can make the site more useful.

Frederick J. Antczak
Founding Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences B-4-232 Mackinac Hall Grand Valley State University Allendale, Michigan 49401 (616) 331-2495

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