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Passion for teaching


Faculty and Staff






CLAS Annual Reports (includes Quadrennial Report, Service, Teaching, Scholarly and Creative Achievements)

CLAS Acts (TT Faculty Newsletter)

The CLAS Teacher newsletter (AFF, VIS, ADJ faculty newsletter)

CLAS Weekly Mailing Archive

Faculty Publications



Acronym and Abbreviation Glossary which explains building codes, committee abbreviations, etc.

Academic Appeal Process

CLAS Faculty Books, CDs and DVDs

Advising Resources

Alumni Newsletters In August 2007, a seminar was given for those who produce (or would like to) alumni newsletters from their unit. Here are handouts and presentations from that seminar:





Facilities Requests

Faculty Activity Reports and Faculty Activity Plan

  • Please use the Digital Measures "Activity Insight" on-line database program to compile and print your FAR and Faculty Activity Plan  (which can be done on the final DM screen titled "Workload Planning. ).To print your Faculty Activity Plan select "Workload Plan" as a Rapid Report, or go to "Run Custom Reports," then select "Workload Plan. Login to Digital Measures


Faculty Exchange

  • Since 2009, the GVSU College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has had a faculty exchange agreement with an institute in Germany, the Pädagogische Hochschule in Schwäbisch Gmünd (PHSG; www.ph-gmuend.de) . The PHSG is a small university of education, with about 3000 students, that prepares teachers for elementary and non-university-preparatory secondary schools.  It is located about 35 miles east of Stuttgart in the state of Baden Württemberg. The PHSG offers courses in English, Math, History, Natural and Social Sciences, Art, Music, Physical Education, Health, and Educational Psychology. Our exchange agreement has normally brought one PHSG faculty member to GVSU in the Fall, and sent one GVSU faculty member from CLAS to PHSG in Spring/Summer. The deadline for CLAS faculty applications is October 15. More information

Faculty Expertise & Scholarly Interest

Faculty Recognition








Online catalog

Out of the Box Workshops (hosted by Faculty Council and supported by the College)

Outcomes of OOTB workshops


Research funding

Risk Managment

Are You Appropriately Managing Risk When Engaged in Experiential Learning Activities with your Students?

A reminder that all faculty engaged with experiential learning with students should review the risk management website for CLAS:  http://www.gvsu.edu/clas/riskreduction/forms-12.htm

Proper identification of student status is important for determining insurance coverage, getting assistance with export controls, providing appropriate liability coverage, and numerous additional protections and procedures

  1. All programs which have students studying abroad should be run through Padnos International Center. 
  2. Student engaged with research with faculty fall into one of four categories

a)      They are enrolled in a course.

b)      They are paid employees of the university (including those that are paid by an external or internal grant).

c)      GVSU sanctioned group (i.e. music ensemble on tour).

d)     Volunteers. Any student not part of an identified GVSU group would be a volunteer. Conferences & non-registered students doing research are two examples of volunteer students. If they are volunteers, they must follow GVSU's Volunteer policy:  http://www.gvsu.edu/riskmanagement/university-volunteers-15.htm. 

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