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Managing Global Teams – World Trade Week 2017
World Trade Week Supplement
MiBiz May 1, 2017

Mapping Global Sales – World Trade Week 2016
World Trade Week Supplement
MiBiz May 12, 2016

The New Realities of the Global Economy
World Trade Week

MiBiz April 28, 2008

Going Global is Risky Business, X-Rite VP Says
Grand Rapids -- Want to succeed in international business? Be prepared for the fight of your life... "Nothing is harder, and nothing is testing you more than getting out there on the world stage to compete." But Andrew was not trying to dissuade potential global business leaders.
Grand Rapids Press May 11, 2006

Expand to Low-Cost Countries with Caution, World Trade Week Speaker Urges
Grand Rapids -- Just like your parents told you -- you don't do it because all the other kids are doing it. Businesses shouldn't rush to set up shop or do business in China just because their competition is there.
MiBiz May 30, 2006

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