Project Team

The Annis Water Resources Institute, in cooperation with the West Michigan Strategic Alliance, conducted this preliminary economic valuation of ecosystem services in West Michigan. This project is one of the "next steps" for regional green infrastructure protection in West Michigan. Both projects were funded by People and Land and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

The trans-disciplinary project team includes representatives from Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University, and IRN Inc. Its expertise includes legal and policy analysis, environmental and resources economics, aquatic ecology, land use management, GIS (geographic information systems), environmental science, environmental consulting, economic and ecological modeling, and economic development.

Pictured from left to right: Alan Steinman, Principal Investigator; Saichon Seedang, Environmental and Resource Economics; Lauren Hudson, Undergraduate Independent Study; Elvira Yaparova, Graduate Assistant; Kurt Thompson, Geographic Information Systems; Paul Isely, Environmental and Resource Economics; Kenneth Mulder, Environmental and Resource Economics.

Seated: Elaine Sterrett Isely, Project Manager.

Not pictured: John Cleveland, IRN Inc.    

Project Team

Photo Credit: AWRI-GVSU

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