W.G. Jackson


The W. G. Jackson serves researchers and educational groups from her berth at the Lake Michigan Center, which is the home of the Annis Water Resources Institute in Muskegon, Michigan. The vessel was built and endowed through the 1994-95 Making Waves in Muskegon Campaign, a partnership between the Muskegon community, the Community Foundation for Muskegon County, Grand Valley State University, and the State of Michigan. The W. G. Jackson was launched in 1996.

Length: 64 feet 10 inches
Beam: 20 feet Draft: 5 feet Engine: Twin Detroit 6V-92T Tonnage: 68.5 tons

The W. G. Jackson has served 27 Michigan counties in its home port. Sampling areas in its Muskegon home port at the GVSU Annis Water Resources Institute include Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan.

The W. G. Jackson summer tours have been funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Great Lakes National Program Office through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative as well as by other entities. The Making Lake Michigan Great tours have reached 34 ports of call in Lake Michigan. Current tours are funded by other entities. Contact Janet Vail at vailj@gvsu.edu for tour details.

There is no seating on the vessel and it has limited accessibility for passengers with disabilities. Questions about accessibility should be directed to Capt. Tony Fiore at (616) 331-3986 or fiorea@gvsu.edu.

Other questions such as scheduling the vessel should be directed to Roxana Taylor at (616) 331-3749 or taylorr@gvsu.edu. Here is a Google Maps link to the location of the W.G. Jackson at 740 W. Shoreline Drive, Muskegon, Michigan.

For more detailed information, please click on the link below at the Great Lakes Association of Science Ships:
Great Lakes Science Vessels - W. G. Jackson