Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS)

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Fall 2023 Workshops

In Fall 2023, AWRI will be hosting four teacher professional development workshops on the recently revised Water Quality and Ecosystems & Biodiversity units of Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS). Join us for an evening of learning about the latest MEECS units through hands-on lessons and exploration!

Note: Each workshop is a stand alone workshop, but you are welcome to attend both an Ecosystems & Biodiversity and Water Quality workshop to receive training in both units.


These workshop are open to all, including but not limited to: formal, informal, pre-service, and homeschool educators.



October 26: Ecosystems & Biodiversity Unit, Muskegon 

November 2: Ecosystems & Biodiversity Unit, Grand Rapids

November 15: Water Quality Unit, Grand Rapids

November 16: Water Quality Unit, Muskegon


All workshops are from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Click the links above to register!


FREE! Includes: dinner, MEECS curriculum, curriculum materials kit, and SCECHs 

MEECS (Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support) is a state-specific environmental education curriculum funded and managed by EGLE to help students learn through inquiry-oriented, data-based science and social studies lessons. MEECS units apply to grades 3-12 and can be used individually, adopted into a school’s multi-year science curricula, or combined to form the basis for an integrated science course. The grade-band focus of the Ecosystem and Biodiversity workshop is middle school, and for the Water Quality workshop, the focus will be high school. However, curriculum adaptations will be discussed to support additional grade levels.

The MEECS Ecosystem & Biodiversity and Water Quality unit updates are supported by funding from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)    What materials are needed to implement MEECS lessons?
All participants will receive links to the digital copies of the updated MEECS units. MEECS lessons are teacher-tested and typically use various common household or classroom materials. At the MEECS workshops, participants will receive a materials kit that contains materials to implement many of the activities from the guide in their classroom or learning environment. 

2)    How does MEECS support my current curriculum?
MEECS units use several strategies for easy adoption by Michigan teachers and school districts. MEECS units are self-contained, so an interested school or individual teacher can teach any unit. Used together by a school or school district, the seven units are coordinated to be used over several years to supplement the existing science curriculum to include environmental education. The Ecosystems and Biodiversity and Water Quality units are aligned with the Michigan Science Standards. 

3)    What other resources are available to support student learning?
Many MEECS lessons contain extension activities with links to additional activities. Also, some MEECS lessons include an Additional Resources section with links to other curriculum resources and book recommendations.  

4)    How can MEECS be used to support learning for students with disabilities? 
The MEECS workshops will be a collaborative environment where participants can share adaptations they have successfully used in their classrooms or learning environments. MEECS is a part of EGLE Classroom, which helps to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed for Michiganders of all ages to understand and act on environmental issues. If you have questions about EGLE Classroom, you can contact Eileen Boekestein at [email protected] or 616-403-1615.

5)    Are AWRI staff available for class visits or as guest speakers? 
AWRI Outreach and Education engages with teachers and students in a variety of ways. For more information about Outreach and Education at AWRI, check out https://www.gvsu.edu/wri/education/ to learn more about educational cruises on GVSU’s research and education vessels and other program offerings. If you have additional questions about Outreach and Education at AWRI, please reach out to Christina Catanese at [email protected]

More questions about these workshops?

Contact Amanda Syers at [email protected]

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