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Permanent link for Accessibility Training - Going on Now! on March 22, 2019

These trainings expire on July 4. To check if a person has taken the training, log into the CMS Admin page and head over to the Administrators section. On the left hand menu, click on More > Administrators to see the list. 

There are 3 icons that indicate their status:

Green = completed accessibility training

Red = did not complete accessibility training in time (90 days) and is now locked out of CMS

Yellow = In the 90 day window to complete training

These trainings are offered by DeQue University. If someone has completed the training from DeQue University outside of the invitation from the Inclusion and Equity Department, a screenshot will need to be sent to Joseph Vugteveen ([email protected]).

Refer to the University Policy on Web Accessibility if needed. 

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Page last modified March 22, 2019