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Permanent link for List Module now includes ability to import data on October 2, 2019

This is huge. We are very excited for this.  

You can now take data (like a spreadsheet) and import it to the list module.  What does that even mean!? 

Picture this scenario.
You maintain a spreadsheet that serves as a directory of all the people in your department. It is a simple way to keep track of a persons name, phone extension, and job title. With this new import feature, you can take this spreadsheet and upload it to the CMS to create a beautiful list. 

Or this scenario...
You keep a spreadsheet of past scholarship winners. It is organized by a persons name, the scholarship they've been award, and the year of the scholarship. You can now easily import this data into the list module and have it appear on your CMS. 

Check out the How To Video to learn all about it. 

Video demonstrating how to use the import feature for the list module

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Page last modified October 2, 2019