What to Expect

VUB Services

  • Develop Individual Service Plan (ISP) for every member
  • Conference with participants regarding goals and expectations 
  • Academic instruction and tutoring
  • Provide class materials
  • Career exploration 
  • Address financial aid, scholarship options, and military benefits 
  • Referral to professionals in area of behavioral health and other issues

Individual Service Plan

Participants work one on one with VUB advisors to create and follow their own self-paced Individual Service Plan (ISP). Following an initial academic assessment, VUB instructors work within the scope of each individual’s needs to provide academic instruction, college success skills, and career exploration.



Additional Support

VUB provides an array of resources available to participants in all areas of student support. Participants have access to academic advisors, counselors, financial aid representatives, career specialists, and programs available in Disability Support Resources. 


Academic Instruction

  • English: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Literature, Vocabulary, GED Instruction
  • Math: Pre-Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, GED Instruction
  • Computer Literacy: Microsoft Office Suite, Internet, Outlook
  • Science: General Science, Physics, Chemistry
  • Foreign Language: Spanish

Cultural Activities and Other Events

VUB participants have the opportunity to participate in activities and events outside of the classroom. Every semester, participants are invited to attend cultural events sponsored within the community and the institution, as well as attend workshops, which introduce the participants to the college experience. Accompanied by their instructors, participants take campus tours, visit libraries, and the student union. These events provide an opportunity for participants to experience campus life and explore new possibilities within academic environments.


Art prize


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