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Why Veterans Upward Bound?

Relative to employee retainment, skills enhancement, and career development, VUB provides opportunities for veterans that are of value to the employee and employer.

Beyond traditional college or career support, the program also provides individualized attention to veteran-specific services and needs.

Connecting skills and training learned through military service into tangible, employable opportunities and longevity.

Resources and Services

Examples of resources and services available to veteran employees or a veteran employee resource group include:

  • Company focused workshops: Microsoft Suite, interpersonal skills, goal setting, professional etiquette, financial literacy, career development strategies, communication skills, and others.
  • Online coursework: Statistics, English/writing, computer literacy, foreign language, math, and others.
  • Veteran focused workshops: VA benefits, community based resources, financial literacy, mindfulness, navigating federal financial aid, and others.
  • Connection to career: resume building, simulated interviews, aptitude, interest, and assessment testing, and others


Their Service, Our Commitment

Through these and other services, as well as the interaction with military-connected staff and students, VUB not only prepares veterans for success with postsecondary education, it helps with the transition from military to civilian life, and the translation of military skills to occupational assets.

By identifying and responding to the diverse educational needs of veterans, employers have the opportunity to not only increase the commitment to the organization, but strengthen the values driven culture of the company.

To discuss further how Veterans Upward Bound is committed to our mission of supporting veterans with their educational and/or career goals, in hiring and retaining veteran talent, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Page last modified July 1, 2022