Military Deployments

If military obligations require you to deploy, train, or relocate, you should immediately contact Grand Valley's GI Bill certifying officials. If you elect to drop your classes, our certifying officials will explain your options and related procedures. If the service member requests a complete withdrawal for the semester, we will refund tuition, books, and fees.  

To return to Grand Valley after an absence of two semesters or more, students must complete a Petition to Return.  The form is used to update student information before a returning student can register for classes. You can either submit the form to the Registrar's Office or call a Grand Valley certifying official to update your records over the phone.

The VA Certifying Officials report enrollment for all students receiving veteran’s educational benefits to the VA. We actively support veterans by providing information to facilitate the process to ensure timely payments. You may contact your VA representative by calling (616) 331-3327 or via email at . Additional resources can be found on the Veteran’s Network at