GI BILL and VOC REHAB Certification

Our Registrar's Office certifies GI Bill enrollment to the VA and can assist with related information.

The following individuals have been designated as primary contacts based on last names but you are encouraged to seek assistance from anyone else if the assigned person is not available.

Registrar's Office | GI BILL Certification 
Mary Russo; Kaitlin Penney; Cheryl Bronner; Kim Paruch.
(616) 331-3327


Vocational Rehabilitation Enrollment Certification | Chapter 31 | Federal and State (MINGSTAP) Military Tuition Assistance Programs
Paul Dillon
(616) 331-2278

Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 Penalty Waiver

Students who receive educational assistance under Ch. 31 or Ch. 33 through the Department of Veterans Affairs will not be assessed late fees or deferment fees.  Students will not be dropped or prevented from registering for classes as a result of delayed disbursement of any payment provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

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