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Military service members, Veterans and their families live and work in communities across our nation.  They are our co-workers, neighbors, classmates, students and friends. However, because fewer than 7% of Americans have served in uniform, most civilians are unfamiliar with military culture and don’t know how to effectively engage with the Veteran community.

Sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project, the following courses are available for anyone who works with, lives with, and cares about the Veteran community.  At PsychArmor®, we believe that educating individuals about the unique needs of military connected people in our country can change perceptions, create powerful connections, strengthen communities, and help our nation’s heroes access resources that allow them to thrive.

Our cornerstone course “15 Things Veterans Want You to Know,” as well as modules that address the basics for civilians such as “Veteran 101: Officer vs. Enlisted,” and “Veteran 201: Military Families,” are informative courses on military culture that address relevant issues facing our Veterans and their families today. View all PsychArmor Military Culture courses.


Suicide in America is a critical issue, with high rates in service members and Veterans. Asking the right questions and feeling confident about how to help are the first steps in preventing someone from dying by suicide. We hope these courses will help you to be a lifeline and be there for someone in need.

With generous funding from the NFL Foundation, PsychArmor® Institute presents a portfolio that promises to provide vital education and information about Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention for healthcare providers, service members, Veterans, families, caregivers and the community-at-large. View all PsychArmor courses on Suicide Prevention.

PsychArmor® Suicide Prevention Digital Toolkit

PsychArmor’s Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention digital toolkit provides free social media shareables to prevent and address suicide among the military service members and Veterans in your community.

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Are you an employer or human resources manager? Do you know how to ask a Veteran the right questions in a job interview? PsychArmor's short, self-paced videos are great resources for employers who are invested in Veteran talent.  We partner with nationally-recognized subject matter experts to create and deliver high-quality courses about issues relevant to the military and Veteran communities. Sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal, the following courses are available for any employer, supervisor, human resources recruiter, co-worker, or anyone else who spends time with Veterans in the workplace.

These online courses cover a variety of topics, including how military training endows Veterans with skills and leadership traits that make them an asset in the workplace. Other courses cover topics such as: reviewing resumes, interviewing Veterans, and creating a work environment that supports Veteran employees.  View all PsychArmor courses for employers.



Developing a Military Awareness Program on Campus

This course covers best practices and considerations when building this type of program on campus. Your instructors share insight into the military population and how you can reinforce understanding and inclusivity of the military population. Although it may seem difficult to reach across the military-civilian divide, this course equips you with the tools to build the bridge and start conversations with service members. To highlight the success of these strategies, this course provides concrete program examples and other resources.

Academic Accommodations in Higher Education

This course provides an explanation and definition of the term academic accommodations and describes qualifying psychiatric conditions that might impact a student's learning experience. It explains reasonable accommodations for student Veterans, and how to complete the required academic accommodation documentation that post-secondary schools request.

VA Campus Toolkit

VA Campus Toolkit is designed for higher education counselors, professors, administrators and other staff members. It provides information that explains characteristics of current student Veterans, some of the common adjustments issues that are encountered and a general explanation of invisible wounds of war and how they may be affecting the student. The goal of this course is to help learners better understand some of the challenges returning service members face in academia as well as to provide information regarding how to help ease the transition.