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Grand Valley has a history of exploration, grit and resolve — the students of the 1960s took a chance on the university in a cornfield. In the decades that followed, Grand Valley forged ahead, constantly growing and evolving — successfully engaging student interest while simultaneously serving the broader community.

As we look to what’s next, we recognized those who have come before us. We honored the first students, visionary founders, accomplished learners, dedicated faculty and staff, and generous supporters of GVSU. We celebrated their stories and how they made Grand Valley possible by establishing the foundation of our essence, our strength, and our ability to fulfill our mission.

Tell Your GVSU Story

It was a simple concept with a lot of meaning. 60 people sharing a 60-second story about their experiences at Grand Valley, or sharing a story about the university. President Philomena V. Mantella introduced the project in a video, at right.

University Communications produced a series of 60 short videos to highlight the untold stories of our university. This project featured people of all backgrounds who have contributed in different ways to shape the university into what it is today. Through this series of short video stories, we showcased the talent of this community as well as the demonstrated commitment of so many people that has been expressed in many ways.

President Mantella talks about 60 videos for 60 years

Untold Stories in 60 Seconds

Pick and choose from these stories, or watch the 60 for 60 Playlist of all videos.

Lubbers: first major gift

President Lubbers: first gift to Grand Valley

Murray: 9/11

President Mark A. Murray talks about being on campus during Sept. 11, 2001

Haas on T-Haas

President Haas discusses when he was first called T-Haas

President Philomena V. Mantella

President Mantella talks about joining the GVSU community and how welcomed she and her family felt.

President Philomena V. Mantella

Jill Hinton Wolfe

Jill Hinton Wolfe describes her first day trying to find an advisor

Jill Hinton Wolfe, military and veterans resource manager

Michael Scantlebury

Michael Scantlebury discusses teaching

Michael Scantlebury, associate professor of hospitality and tourism management

Nathan Kemler

Nathan Kemler discusses creation of a mobile app to make the university's collection more accessible

Nathan Kemler, director of galleries and collections

Gregg Dimkoff

Gregg Dimkoff, professor of finance

Gregg Dimkoff, professor of finance

Murray: artist/alumnus Hubert Massey

President Mark Murray talks about Hubert Massey, artist and alumnus

George Grant

George Grant talks about a person who mentored him in his graduate school choice

George Grant, former dean of CCPS

Dale Schriemer

Dale Schriemer, professor of music, talks about 2001 commencement with President Gerald Ford and Betty Ford.

Dale Schriemer, professor of music

Chasity Bailey-Fakhoury

Chasity Bailey-Fakhoury

Chasity Bailey-Fakhoury, associate professor of education

Paola León

Paola León, associate professor of social work, talks about how the university community has helped her grow her career.

Paola León, associate professor of social work

Paige Johnston

Paige Johnston talks about her family legacy at Grand Valley

Paige Johnston, first-year student and Laker track athlete.

Kevin Howell

Kevin Howell talks about a trip he and others in the mailroom took to the U.P. and Mackinac Island.

Kevin Howell, mailroom services staff

Kate Stoetzner

Kate Stoetzner, from the Padnos International Center, talks about a former international student.

Kate Stoetzner, director of international student and scholar services

Jack Lindsay, '18

Jack Lindsay talks about how he met his future wife at Grand Valley

Jack Lindsey, project coordinator for VentureSource

V'Lecea Hunter

V'Lecea Hunter discusses 2 influential people she met when first arriving at GVSU

V'Lecea Hunter, senior director, diverse populations and retention initiatives

Nicole Gustin

Nicole Gustin talks about how she got into the Kirkhof College of Nursing as a student then faculty member

Nicole Gustin, '16 and '18, adjunct faculty of nursing

Cynthia Sonderegger Smith

Cynthia Sonderegger Smith discusses the concerts at GVSU in the 1970s

Cynthia Sonderegger Smith, associate professor of education

Chris Barbee

Chris Barbee, director of alumni relations, talks about his introduction to Art Hills.

Chris Barbee, '88, director of alumni relations

Phillip Todd

Phillip Todd discusses how he nearly left GVSU during orientation, then found a community and later became an Black Excellence Orientation leader

Phillip Todd, '18 and '21, student success coach of diverse populations

Annie Jacobs

Annie Jacobs was a member of GVSU's first graduating class in 1967; she talks about being among the first students to attend Grand Valley.

Annie Jacobs, '67, member of the first graduating class

LeaAnn Tibbe

LeaAnn Tibbe talks about the origins of the 20/20 desk in Kirkhof Center

LeaAnn Tibbe, retired associate director of student life

Matt McLogan

Matt McLogan, vice president for University Relations, talks about Bill Seidman, considered the founder of Grand Valley

Matt McLogan, vice president for University Relations

Julianne Vanden Wyngaard

Julianne Vanden Wyngaard, retired carillonneur

Julianne Vanden Wyngaard, retired carillonneur, talks about the carillons on the Allendale and Pew Grand Rapids campuses.

Connie Dang

Connie Dang, senior inclusion and equity officer, talks about her lifelong career in higher education and the people who influenced her.

Connie Dang, senior inclusion and equity officer

Bobby Springer

Bobby Springer talks about his involvement as co-chair of GVSU's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration and the national speakers who have highlighted the events.

Bobby Springer, associate director of Veterans Upward Bound

Tim Selgo

Tim Selgo talks about how intercollegiate athletics helped shape GVSU

Tim Selgo, retired athletic director

Megan S. Rydecki

Megan S. Rydecki talks about finding a photo of her grandfather in a Grand Valley Foundation book and then following in his footsteps as chair of GVSU's Board of Trustees

Megan S. Rydecki, '07 and '09, chair of GVSU Board of Trustees

James Moyer

James Moyer, retired associate vice president for Facilities Planning, talks about stormwater management when constructing or maintaining buildings on the Allendale Campus

James Moyer, retired associate vice president for Facilities Planning

Tim Thimmesch

Tim Thimmesch discusses how the university grew, as did Facilities Services, during his time at Grand Valley.

Tim Thimmesch, retired associate vice president for Facilities Services

Tony Beachler

Tony Beachler, '93, talks about promoting school spirit and the fight song at Laker football games.

Tony Beachler, '93, and the advent of the fight song

Lynn 'Chick' Blue

Lynn 'Chick' Blue discusses the Thompsons and how their scholarship programs began at GVSU. Lynn is seated at a desk.

Lynn 'Chick' Blue, retired special advisor to the president

Bill Lucksted

Bill Lucksted talks about playing football for Grand Valley in the 1980s.

Bill Lucksted, director, Facilities Services Grand Rapids and Regional Centers

Keri Becker

Keri Becker, director of Athletics, talks about two people instrumental in shaping her career.

Keri Becker, director of Athletics

Jerry Baltes

Jerry Baltes remembers when he started coaching track and field at Grand Valley and talks about why he took a red construction helmet to practice.

Jerry Baltes, head track and field coach

Brandon DeHaan

Brandon DeHaan talks about registering for classes in 1982, and the 1961 MG he drove to campus.

Brandon DeHaan, director of Public Safety and chief of police

B. Donta Truss

B. Donta Truss, vice president for Enrollment Development and Educational Outreach, talks about interviewing at Grand Valley while handling a crisis during the pandemic at his previous institution.

B. Donta Truss, vice president for Enrollment Development and Educational Outreach

Damon Arnold

Damon Arnold, director, Laker Academic Success Center, talks about coming to GVSU in the winter for his interview

Damon Arnold, director, Laker Academic Success Center

Corey Anton

Corey Anton talks about his mentor, another faculty member in the School of Communications

Corey Anton, professor of communication studies

Sherry Bouwman

Sherry Bouwman, University Communications assistant, talks about the student workers she has supervised for the past 45 years.

Sherry Bouwman, University Communications assistant

Lubbers: DeVos Center

President Emeritus Arend D. Lubbers describes designing the DeVos Center in Grand Rapids

Henry Matthews

Henry Matthews talks about meeting an artist in Cairo and how he purchased her artwork for GVSU

Henry Matthews, inaugural director of Art Galleries and Collections

Alan Steinman

Alan Steinman talks about partnering with Muskegon leaders

Alan Steinman, director of the Annis Water Resources Center

Judy Williams

Judy Williams talks about connecting with GVSU volleyball coach and living in Allendale, college choices

Judy Williams, affiliate faculty of school counseling

Tara Bivens

Tara Bivens talks about the sense of community she gained while working at Grand Valley.

Tara Bivens, senior benefits manager

Mark Schaub

Mark Schaub talks about watching President Lubbers pick up trash on campus, not knowing who it was at the time

Mark Schaub, dean of Brooks College

Jodi Chycinski

Jodi Chycinski talks about how the Laker Marching Band builds a community

Jodi Chycinski, associate vice president, director of admissions

Nykia Gaines

Nykia Gaines talks about her own study abroad experience and leading a group of students decades later

Nykia Gaines, assistant vice president for federal TRIO programs

Scott Whisler

Scott Whisler talks about designing Zumberge Hall and a morse code message in the windows

Scott Whisler, senior project manager

Dottie Barnes

Dottie Barnes talks about the time Tony Danza visited GVSU to surprise an Italian class with a free trip to Rome.

Dottie Barnes, associate director of news, University Communications

Binh Ha

Binh Ha talks about leaving Vietnam to earn a master's degree at GVSU

Binh Ha, ’21, MPA

Kim Schmidt

Kim Schmidt talks about her connection to Laker athletics and the football national championship games in Florence, Alabama.

Kim Schmidt, '88 and '00, director of athletics giving

Roger Ellis

Roger Ellis, professor of theater

Roger Ellis, professor of theater

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