Welcome to GVSU's Math Tutoring Site!

The Math Tutoring Center is a place for GVSU students in many levels of math classes to get FREE help online and in person. Tutoring is done by GVSU undergraduate students.  We are here to help with content, calculators and much more.  Bring specific questions and be prepared to participate!

Fall 2021 In-person Math Center hours

Starting Wednesday, Sept 1, in-person Math Center tutoring will be available:

  • In Allendale: MAK A-2-601 (616) 331-2084
    • Mon - Th 10a - 5p
    • Fri 10a - 2p
  • Downtown on the Pew Campus: EC 608 (616) 331-6190
    • Mon - Th 10a - 5p

Fall 2021 Online Math Center Hours

Starting Wednesday, Sept 1, online Math Center tutoring will be available:

Sun - Th 5p - 9p


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Online Math Tutoring Center

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Looking for other GVSU Tutoring resources?

  • The Math Tutoring Center is a drop-in center, meaning students are helped in the order in which they arrive.  You can make an appointment to meet with a tutor at a specific time through GVSU's Tutoring Center.
  • Looking for tutoring for a different subject?  Check out this GVSU Academic Resources document.

Appointment Tutoring

  • Schedule an individual 50 minute tutoring appointment, either online or in person, in advance.
  • You can meet once, occasionally or every week.
  • Select the tutor you work with each visit.
  • Best for in-depth review of course material.
  • To learn more about appointment tutoring or schedule a session, click the button below.

Math Center Drop-In Tutoring

  • Visit any time the centers are open - no appointment needed.
  • Time spent with a tutor depends on demand.
  • Help is provided first-come, first-served basis, so there may be a brief wait.
  • We have current textbooks for use in the center.
  • There are TI-84 graphing calculators and iPads to borrow.
  • There are computers in the centers to work on (sorry, no printer in Allendale).
  • Cool whiteboard tables can be used for easy-to-erase problem solving.

Helpful handouts