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Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

Computational knowledge engine - I dare you to give it a question it can't answer!

Mometrix MTTC study guide

MTTC PRE Study Guide

  • You can access the Mometrix MTTC Professional Readiness Exam Study guide through the GVSU Library Database. 
  • Feel free to bring any questions you may have to the Math Center and we will be happy to help!

Math concepts to read for review

Purple Math

Purple Math has some easy to read lessons from algebra and trigonometry.

Purple Math

U of Utah

Understanding Mathematics

Peter Alfeld of University of Utah has some interesting philosophical questions about how you learn math along with some examples to read.

Philosophy of Trig Identities

Why you shouldn't work both sides to prove an identity. Download a  simplified version of the discussion.

Trig functions


APEX Calculus

An inexpensive, open-source alternative to the traditional Calculus textbook.

Wolfram Math World

Wolfram Math World

Resources for higher level classes (discrete math, number theory, etc).

Other helpful resources

Print Your Own Graph Paper

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

A nice collection of online manipulatives that education majors and MTH 097 and 110 students will find useful.

Collection of Online Calculators

An interesting collection of online calculators that will calculate many helpful topics from agriculture, aviation, gambling, music, clocks, nutrition, currency, and more.

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