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Lauren Fodor picture

Lauren Fodor

Professional Development Assistant

(616) 331-7363
[email protected]
Responsible for daily course operations, registration, instructor needs, and learner services.  
Contact to request program and registration information. 

Katie Scheuerle picture

Katie Scheuerle

Social Work Continuing Education Coordinator

(616) 331-6589
[email protected]
Responsible for content development and building partnerships within the University and community organizations.

Contact to request SWCE approval, or to serve as an instructor for one of our workshops. 

Lucas Treadwell picture

Lucas Treadwell

Director - Continuing and Workforce Education

(616) 331-7180
[email protected]
Responsible for SWCE oversight, budgets, contracts, and licensure advising. 
Contact to request accommodations, partnership opportunities, or questions about our programming. 


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