Chile: Universidad del Bio Bio - Summer Program

A GVSU Partnership Program

  • Chile: Universidad del Bio Bio - Summer Program Photo
  • Chile: Universidad del Bio Bio - Summer Program Photo
  • Chile: Universidad del Bio Bio - Summer Program Photo

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Tell me about this program

Open to: All majors

Chillán, CHILE— Universidad del Bio Bio has been a GVSU partner university since 2011. The partnership continues to grow with new opportunities developing each year for students, faculty and staff. This 11 week summer program is a collaboration between UBB faculty in Chillan and GVSU faculty. This program has been specifically designed to help meet the academic needs of students interested in Spanish language who also plan to pursue a career in one of the health professions. Participants will have opportunities to connect with UBB students who are also majoring in the health professions.

NOTICE: There is a cap of 18 participants for this program. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the cap of 18 applicants is filled, the program will be closed to new applicants.

Partnership Information

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When can I go?

Summer: May 1 - July 13, 2018

Tentative dates 

(11 weeks)

Where will I live?

Local family homestay, 1 student per family.

Who is eligible to participate?

Open to all majors. Students must have completed SPA 202. 2.5 GPA required.

How do I apply?

To apply for this program, log on to to begin your online application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE (2018 Program): February 1, 2018

What credits will I receive?

Students will register for a total of  12 credits:  
SPA 380: Intermediate High Spanish (3 credits) AND 
SPA 321: Composition and Conversation I (3 credits) AND
SPA 304: Spanish for Health Professions (3 credits) AND 
SPA 380:  Chilean Civilization and Culture  (3 credits) 
*Issues friendly  (Students can fill entire general education issues requirement)
If you completed 1 or more of these courses, contact Professor Vrooman 
( ) to discuss other course options  

How much does the program cost?

TOTAL PROJECTED COST: $6,787 -$6,959*

Additional Program Cost Information

Detailed Estimated Budget

Financial Aid

Students typically pay for study abroad through a combination of financial aid, personal funds, scholarships/grants and alternative loans. Early application for financial aid is strongly recommended.

To contact the Financial Aid office, email with “Study Abroad” in the Subject line. Include your G Number and Total Projected Cost of the program in the e-mail. 

Financial Aid


Visit for additional information on grants and scholarships. 

Who can tell me more?

Professor Vrooman

B-2-230 Mackinac Hall



All program information including courses, duration of program, dates, and other logistics are subject to change. Programs may be cancelled due to extenuating circumstances.