France: Summer Business in Paris with ESSCA

For more than 20 years, GVSU and L’Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers (ESSCA) have partnered together to offer full immersion exchange opportunities to students in business and international relations. ESSCA is a small, private, not-for-profit, business school located in France with approximately 3000 students. Students will take classes with both French and international degree-seeking students, as well as other exchange students from around the world.

ESSCA- Paris summer program offers courses in marketing, management, strategy, digital culture, French language and culture. Students will take classes with other international students from around the world. 

Paris is a dream destination for many students because of its iconic landmarks, famous fashion, and delicious cuisine. Paris has been dubbed the “City of Love” because of its romantic atmosphere, street-side cafes, and gorgeous sights. Students studying in Paris should expect to be immersed in French culture, consisting of art, history, and architecture. 

Paris Summer Brochure (2023)

Host University Website

GVSU's partner universities are largely independent programs; prospective participants should carefully consider if this form of study abroad suits their needs before registering. These partnerships allow students to experience a more independent international study abroad, but also require students to have a high level of flexibility and the ability to navigate much of the program independently. Those who prefer additional support may wish to consider other study abroad options such as external study abroad providers and our faculty-led options.

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2.5 GPA Required
No Language
Issue Friendly

Program Dates and Application Deadline

Spring/Summer 2023

Program Dates: June 12, 2023 - July 7, 2023
Application Deadline: February 1, 2023 (Closed)


Semester Option


The summer program offers a set list of courses from three options:

Course Options

Pre-approved Courses:


Note: This course list indicates courses that have been previously approved. It is not a list of available courses on this program.

Course Approval Process Students registering for courses that have not been pre-approved will need to follow the course approval instructions. 

Students interested in satisfying general education courses abroad can find more information on our General Education page.

Note: ESSCA uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). In general, 2 ECTS credits is equivalent to 1 US credit.


Housing is arranged by ESSCA in either an individual studio or a shared (2-student) apartment in an international residence or an appropriate equivalent depending on availability.

Cost and Scholarships

Cost Breakdown

Scholarship Opportunities


Health insurance CHUBB ($160) is mandatory and its estimated based on 120 days ($1.33 / day). Actual cost may vary and will be based on your exact travel dates. Policy details

Eligibility Criteria


No current Covid Requirements

Additional Information

Host University Website


SeeESSCA Summer Programme Guide for details on guided tours.

Campus Info / Campus Life

This program is 4 weeks in duration.

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Visa Requirements

Students studying in France for less than 90 days are not required to obtain a visa for entry.

Arrival Information

Students will fly into Paris. ESSCA has available on its website information on getting to the campus.

CDC Report

CDC Report for France

US State Department Information

US State Department Country Information (France)

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC)

US Embassy in France - Location

US Department of State - Students Abroad


Application Timeline


Resources for Emergency Situations

Health and Safety Resources

Reporting an Incident

PIC Emergency Procedures

Contact Information

Padnos International Center
130 Lake Ontario Hall
[email protected]

"I met college students from all over the world that I had a lot in common with (China, Mexico, England, Australia, and more), but I also learned a lot from them about their respective cultures as well. I was able to not only study marketing and management and see one of the most beautiful places in the world, but enhance my resume. I now will be interning at a highly international company this summer, BASF, due to my international experience. This will give me even more opportunities to travel in the future. " -Katelin Frazier

Katelin Frazier - Paris

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