South Korea: Art and Korean Language Semester in Seoul

This program is for students interested in studying art and Korean language. There are also a limited number of courses in English in the fields of business, management, and computer information.

Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech) is a national university of about 14,000 students.  The vast majority of the students are studying in technology, computing, or engineering fields, although the school is also known for outstanding programs in business, education and a world-renowned art education in ceramics.

SeoulTech is located on the outskirts of Seoul. By subway, students are about 40 minutes from central Seoul. Seoul is a very lively and energetic city, with cafes and shopping malls at every turn. There are numerous market areas, affordable restaurants, and UNESCO World Heritage sites for students to explore throughout the city. Seoul is a leader in Asia and has taken a role on the global stage as one of the top world economies. Students will enjoy a culturally rich environment mixed with some of the best technological advances.

As part of the orientation program, GVSU students will be paired with a SeoulTech student as part of the Buddy program. There are limited courses taught in English. Most courses in English are in the areas of management, information systems, engineering, finance, marketing, architecture, and ceramics. Courses in English for the fall semester will be made available in July.  For the winter semester, courses taught in English will be available in January.  The Korean language and culture courses are highly recommended for international students. 

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GVSU's partner universities are largely independent programs; prospective participants should carefully consider if this form of study abroad suits their needs before registering. These partnerships allow students to experience a more independent international study abroad, but also require students to have a high level of flexibility and the ability to navigate much of the program independently. Those who prefer additional support may wish to consider other study abroad options such as external study abroad providers and our faculty-led options.

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2.5 GPA Required
No Language
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Program Dates and Application Deadline

Fall 2023

Program Dates: September 10, 2023 - December 18, 2023
Application Deadline: February 1, 2023 (Closed)

Winter 2024

Estimated Program Dates: March 2024 - June 2024
Application Deadline: September 1, 2023


South Korea

Course Options Use this button to search all available course options and descriptions. *The list of courses offered any given semester are generally not available to students prior to departure. SeoulTech recommends reviewing the courses from the previous year for the semester you will be abroad (Spring or Fall). While these courses are not guaranteed to be available, the course offerings generally do not change drastically year to year.

Pre-Approved Courses Note: This course list indicates courses that have been previously approved. It is not a list of available courses on this program.

Course Approval Process Students registering for courses that have not been pre-approved will need to follow the course approval instructions. 

Students interested in satisfying general education courses abroad can find more information on our General Education page.

Students interested in Art and Design courses will be required to pay for any art supplies or tools required for a course. Supplies can be purchased locally. The cost for supplies will vary based on the course(s) you choose.


SeoulTech has three on-campus residence halls. The residence halls are modern and fully furnished. Students have a choice of a single, double or quad room. There are communal lounges, laundry facilities and dining facilities available. As part of the housing plan, students will receive two meals in the student cafeteria, usually lunch and dinner. Breakfasts will be on your own. Students can expect to be placed in a double room, although there are some 4-person rooms for males. Most rooms have a desk, bookshelf, bed, chair, fan, and internet access. Communal areas include: vending machines, coin-operated washing machine, public phone, water purifier, multimedia room, fitness room, study room, pool table, shower room, bathroom. There is also a desk that is staffed throughout the day for students who need assistance or have questions.

Students will be required to have a chest x-ray to test for Tuberculosis prior to arriving on-campus.

Dormitory Layout

Cost and Scholarships

South Korea

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, costs may increase for basic goods and housing. These estimates are provided as a guide to help students in their planning, but they are subject to change.

Cost Breakdown

NOTE: "Other Expenses" listed in the Cost Breakdown are general cost estimates. Due to COVID-19, costs may increase for basic goods and housing. These estimates are provided as a guide to help students in their planning, but they are subject to change.


Additional Scholarships

Visit for more information on these and other grants/scholarships.



South Korea

Students must be degree-seeking, have attended at least one semester at GVSU, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of application

Proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is required for participation in this program.

Additional Information

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Visa Requirements

US citizens will be required to apply for a student visa (D-2) for stays longer than 90 days. The student visa guide will provide you with more information about the application process. Please note that the appropriate consulate or embassy must be consulted for the most up-to-date visa information.

Arrival Information

Airport pickup will be available on one day during a specific time period each semester. Students who do not sign up for airport pick-up or do not arrive during the specified time frame will need to arrange their own transportation from the airport.

CDC Report

CDC Report

US State Department Information

US State Department Country Information (South Korea)

US State Department - Students Abroad

US Embassy in South Korea

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) Report - Crime and Safety Report


Application Timeline

Fact Sheet 2023

Fact Sheet 2022

Program Guide (Fall 2021)

Program Guide (Spring 2021)

List of Departments

Courses available in English

Program Brochure (2018)

Resources for Emergency Situations

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Reporting an Incident

PIC Emergency Procedures

Contact Information

Padnos International Center
130 Lake Ontario Hall
[email protected]

"My name is Sam Tonks and I studied abroad at SeoulTech University in South Korea. Being a smaller program, I was entirely surrounded by internationals at school, which allowed me to be more immersed in Korean culture. My favorite things about Korea are the cosmetics, hiking, street food, and coffee shops. " -Sam Tonks

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