Austria & Czech Republic: Music

*Please note:  The next time this program will run is Spring/Summer 2023. Details below are subject to change.

Students will explore two countries with a shared history and strong musical traditions. Composers from these lands include Mozart, Beethoven, Janá ek, and Johann Strauss. Experience world-class performances (symphonies, piano concerto, chamber music, operetta) and backstage tours of world-famous venues. Courses can be used towards a major, minor, or General Education credits

Program Highlights: 

  • Historic cities of the former Austrian Empire: Vienna, Prague, and Ostrava; day trip to the Czech village Hukvaldy
  • Musical art from 1750 to the present: composers Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, DvoYák, Janá ek, Schoenberg  and more
  • World-class performances (orchestra, chamber music, operetta), and backstage tours
  • Field trips to palaces and museums
  • Experience daily life in Austria and the Czech Republic; exploring charming neighborhoods and Viennese café culture

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2.0 GPA Required
English Language Requirement

Program Dates and Application Deadline



MUS 308: Music History Seminar (3 credits)

Fulfills (1) General Education Global Perspectives requirement

Fulfills (1) General Education Issues course requirement. Reflection required


Optional online music courses (3 credits each):

MUS 100, MUS 218, MUS 219, MUS 300 OR MUS 301


Dorms and hotels

Cost and Scholarships


Program Fee: $2,810


  • Round-trip air fare
  • Housing
  • Field trips
  • Ground transportation

Other Expenses

  • GVSU tuition (3 credits = $1,698)
  • Personal expenses ($300)
  • Meals ($880)
  • Passport/Photos ($150)
  • SIM cards for Czech Republic and Austria ($60)
  • Textbooks ($60)
  • ISIC card ($28 - optional)

TOTAL PROJECTED COST: (Program Fee + Other Expenses): $5,906

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