There are many exciting internship options for you in the city of San José, COSTA RICA with Global Experiences. Although relatively small, nearly a million people commute to the center of the city every day to work in the thriving industries of San José. Some of the most popular internship placements are in business, environmental sciences, and NGOs. It is the ideal destination to combine a professional internship with access to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

In San José, you can embrace the “Pura Vida” lifestyle. "Pura vida" means pure life or the simple life and reflects the way Costa Ricans (los Ticos) like to live. Living this way is about enjoying the simple pleasures of life and valuing personal relationships and treating others with respect. Los Ticos are said to be amongst the happiest people in the world. Spending the summer in San José you will be able to appreciate "Pura vida" on the vibrant streets of the capital.

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GPA Requirement
2.8 Undergraduate
3.0 Graduate
English Language Requirement
Issue Friendly
Internship Option

Program Dates and Application Deadline


GVSU Internship Course (1 - 6 credits)

Typically, students register for three credits of their major's internship course (490). The exact course and number of credits is determined by each student's academic department. (e.g., ACC 490 Accounting Internship, MOV 399 Movement Science Independent Study, HTM 290 Hospitality & Tourism Internship, etc.). Learn more about the requirements for an internship in your major including the professor who oversees internships (Internship Coordinator) in your department here. 


Students seeking a practicum meeting professional licensing requirements should consult their advisor before applying to determine whether this program fulfills licensing requirements. This program is not designed to fulfill student teaching requirements for teacher certification. For more information on student teaching overseas, please see the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching:

Fulfills General Education Global Perspectives requirement with 3+ credits.

Fulfills (1) General Education Issues course requirement with with 3+ credits. Reflection required. 399 courses do not fulfill Issues.

For more information on General Education Requirements, click here.


Students will live in shared apartments.

Cost and Scholarships



All students considering study abroad should have their financial aid reevaluated regardless of whether they are currently receiving federal aid or not. Early application for financial aid is strongly recommended.


GVSU   International Internship Scholarship
Spring/Summer/Fall Application Deadline: February 15
Amount: Up to $2,000 (5-10 awards per year)

GE Generation Study Abroad
Amount: Up to $1,500

Gi lman Scholarship
Amount: Up to $5,000

GVSU  Murray Scholarship
Amount: $1,500-$5,000

GVSU  Career Center Internship Award
Amount: $500

Additional Scholarships


Open to all majors with sophomore standing. 2.5 GPA required for undergraduate students. English-speaking internship placement.

Additional Information

Already Applied

Visa Requirements

A visa is not required for a stay of less than 90 days. Please see the US Department of State's website for more details.

Arrival Information

Students are provided detailed information and recommendations from Global Experiences. Using this information, they will make their own way from the airport to their housing where a Global Experiences staff person will help check them into their apartment. 

CDC Report

Please review the health and safety information about Costa Rica found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website. 

US State Department Information

The US Department of State's website has important information online about the Embassy, Health Information, local laws, and general facts. Please review each section carefully. 

Resources for Emergency Situations

Please review the emergency information available on the Study Abroad website  before going abroad.

Reporting an Incident

Please follow the PIC Emergency Procedures when reporting an incident.

Contact Information

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