Austria: Engineering, Computing and Information Systems Winter Semester with FH Joanneum

The Austria FH Joanneum (FHJ) exchange program was developed by GVSU's Padnos College of Engineering and Computing. Students studying in Computing and Information Systems may take courses at FHJ during the Winter semester. GVSU students will be invited to register for a less traditional program which offers many of its CIS courses in English on the weekend. It has been recommended by PCEC faculty that students plan to live in the city of Graz, but the weekend courses are offered only on the Kapfenberg campus which is a 40-minute train ride from the city of Graz. The CIS courses available through this program are typically offered one weekend per month throughout the semester. This weekend structure is geared towards Austrian students who work full-time, so students take classes on the weekend and complete assigned projects during the week as time allows. Students can expect to take 3 CIS courses during the semester as well as a language and a culture course. The language and culture courses are offered on the FHJ Graz campus during the week, but may also be available to students on the Kapfenberg campus.

Note: Fall semester is only an option for students with a high proficiency in German since few courses are available in English.

The GVSU faculty liaison responsible for this program is Jerry Scripps, [email protected].

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GVSU's partner universities are largely independent programs; prospective participants should carefully consider if this form of study abroad suits their needs before registering. These partnerships allow students to experience a more independent international study abroad, but also require students to have a high level of flexibility and the ability to navigate much of the program independently. Those who prefer additional support may wish to consider other study abroad options such as external study abroad providers and our faculty-led options.

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GPA Requirement
2.7 Undergraduate
3.0 Graduate
No Language
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Program Dates and Application Deadline

Winter 2024

Estimated Program Dates: February 2024 - June 2024
Application Deadline: September 1, 2023


Only Spring/ GV's Winter Semester is available for students seeking to take courses in English. 


Students can take a wide range of courses in German at FH Joanneum. Courses available in English are limited, so please review this information carefully before applying.

For a list of all available CIS courses in English:

Course Options 


Pre-approved Courses: Other GVSU students have studied abroad at this partner institution. The button below will take you to a list of GVSU equivalencies they have received. PLEASE  NOTE: This list indicates courses that have been previously approved. This is NOT a list of all available courses on this program.

Pre-Approved Courses 


Students registering for courses that have NOT been pre-approved will need to follow the course approval instructions: Course Approval Process 

For information on fulfilling general education courses abroad, visit: General Education 



Students will be responsible for arranging their own housing in off-campus apartments. 

For more information, email [email protected]

Housing Options

Computing and Information Systems students typically live in Graz, but take courses on the Kapfenberg campus which is about 40 minutes by train from Graz. Students may live near the Kapfenberg campus; however, many recommend living in Graz for the many activities available.

Cost and Scholarships

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, costs may increase for basic goods and housing. These estimates are provided as a guide to help students in their planning, but they are subject to change.

Cost Breakdown


ERNST MACH SCHOLARSHIP: Students can apply for the Ernst Mach Scholarship through FH Joanneum. This grant offers selected students 940 Euro per month or approximately $1,070 US per month. Additional information can be found on the website at:

Additional Scholarships

How will I pay for this?

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Undergraduate students must be majoring in Computing, Engineering or Information Systems and have junior standing and a minimum 2.7 GPA

Graduate students must have completed 1 semester at GVSU and have a minimum 3.0 GPA

No prior language experience required for this program, however, some background in German language would be beneficial. Students should expect to take the German language course offered to international students.

You do not need to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to travel to and from Australia

Additional Information

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When studying abroad, it is important to learn about the culture of your host country.

For information on music, food, language, news & more, view Cultural Information

Campus Info / Campus Life

Graz, with a population of 301,368, is the second-largest city in Austria after Vienna. Graz has a long tradition as a student city: its six universities have more than 44,000 students. Its "Old Town" is one of the best-preserved city centers in Central Europe. Politically and culturally, Graz was for centuries very important for Slovinia, and still remains influential. In 1999, Graz was added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites, and the site was extended in 2010 by Schloss Eggenberg. Graz was sole Cultural Capital of Europe for 2003 and got the title of a City of Culinary Delights in 2008. 

Students will take all of their CIS courses on the Kapfenberg campus which is a 40 minute train ride from the city of Graz. Students will commute to the Kapfenberg campus for weekend classes.

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Visa Requirements

Students will be required to apply for a national visa (type D) prior to entry into Austria. The consulate does usually arrange "Consular Days" in Chicago for a day or two every semester. Students are encouraged to know about these important dates and make an appointment. If you are not able to get into one of the "Consular Days," you will be required to travel to New York for your visa.

Students are also encouraged to reference our student visa guide for more detailed information. Please note that the appropriate consulate or embassy must be consulted for the most up-to-date visa information.



Arrival Information


If you fly to Vienna, take the shuttle bus from Vienna airport to the train station called Wien Meidling. Check for the detailed schedule of the shuttle bus and information about the fare. The train schedule can be looked up at: . Please do not forget to call your buddy from Vienna to inform her/him when you will arrive.


If you fly to Graz ( and are not being picked up, take the shuttle bus to the main train station. From there you can take tram lines #1 or #7 to FH JOANNEUM. Alternatively you can take one of the taxis available at the Airport (costs around 35€ but you would need to ask the driver about the costs before taking the taxi) 

CDC Report

CDC Report

US State Department Information

US State Department Information (Austria)

US State Department - Students Abroad

US Embassy in Austria

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) Report - Crime and Safety Report


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Information for Incoming Students- Before, during and after your stay

Welcome Packet for International Students

2019-2020 Fact Sheet

General Brochure

Resources for Emergency Situations

Health and Safety Resources

Reporting an Incident

PIC Emergency Procedures

Contact Information

Padnos International Center
130 Lake Ontario Hall
[email protected]

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