Classics Studies- Kentucky Institute for International Studies

The KIIS program in Greece offers students the chance to study and travel for five weeks in a country of dramatic natural beauty and rich cultural traditions. The fascinating culture of modern Greece provides the ideal setting for learning about the ancient Greeks whose literature, political ideas, philosophy, art, and architecture continue to shape our lives.

Program focus:

  • Greek art, archaeology, and drama

Best suited for:

  • Students whose interest is primarily in Ancient Greece, especially drama, who want an overview of Greek art, architecture, and topography

Special considerations:

  • Prospective students should be aware that the Greece program is very strenuous. Students should be prepared to 1) walk at least a mile or two each day 2) walk over stony rough or slippery paths at archaeological sites 3) protect yourself in hot Mediterranean climate by always carrying water, wearing hats, and etc. 4) be prepared if susceptible to motion sickness, as this program travels extensively by bus and ferry

Page last modified June 13, 2018