The GVSU Student Senate is Under Construction

Our overarching goals:

To broaden our representation to increase student perspectives.

To increase our visibility and engagement with the student body.

To improve our reputation and prestige on campus.

To enrich the overall experience for Student Senators, Cabinet Members, and the student body.

To implement the best practices to maintain a sustainable Student Senate and student body.

Student Senators attending Convocation
The 2022-2023 Student Senate Body
Student Senate Meeting

Important steps we are taking:


Internal Restructuring

To reflect a post-COVID college environment, we are focusing on improving our internal functions and structures. Student Senate will be discussing a variety of reforms to streamline and improve our operations in order to adequately and efficiently represent student voices to the University administration. We will be looking at potential changes to our committee structure, meeting format, and governing documents among our other functions and structures.

Bringing in an External Consultant

The GVSU Student Senate will be working with a consultant from outside the University to better discuss internal reforms. An outside perspective will allow for an impartial evaluation of Student Senate's roles and responsibilities within the University. Senators will be collaborating with this consultant to locate areas to improve upon, and to prioritize the changes that will matter the most for students.


Student Senate will look at updating our brand on campus. This could mean new merch, a new logo, and a revamped social media presence. Student Senate will also be re-evaluating our overrall role at GVSU when representing student voices. Feel free to follow our various social media accounts to see the rebrand as it happens!

Slowing Down

We appreciate the work our Student Senators put in on behalf of the student body and we realize that they are students first. After all, it is the STUDENT Senate. We are making efforts to reduce the time commitment required of Senators, and to ensure an enjoyable experience for all of our members. This will be accomplished by streamlining our meeting agendas, and altering the meeting schedule to reduce the time commitment, while still ensuring student voices are being heard by the University administration.

Focusing on Accountability

It's time for Student Senate to do better. We are taking time to discuss how we can improve our relationship with students to tackle the most important issues on campus. We are also focused on improving our outreach and engagement with the students to better understand these issues. Student Senate welcomes all feedback and ideas from the student body during our restructuring process and beyond.

Page last modified August 29, 2023