Student Senate President Emeritus

What is Emeritus?

The title of President Emeritus is to be bestowed upon a Student Senate President who has served four academic years in Student Senate. This is an honorary title given to those who have specifically dedicated an entire college career towards the betterment of Students at Grand Valley State University through the Student Senate organization. Not only does this person meet the standards and expectations of the positions over the years of serve, but often go past the regular duties. The President Emeritus will be recognized in the Student Senate Office and wear a specific Medallion during Commencement. This person is a great embodiment of Student Senate and Grand Valley State University and leaves a lasting legacy for their peers.

Emeritus Criteria

  • Served on Student Senate for four (4) full consecutive academic years
  • Two (2) years in a Cabinet position (one of which can be as President)
  • One year as Student Senate President 
  • Maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher
  • Served on three (3) University Committees
  • Completed and introduced higher standards for the responsibilities of the position
  • A nomination letter from a Cabinet Member that includes a substantive narrative addressing how the nominee qualifies for emeritus status. The nomination letter should refer to specific evidence of the nominee’s qualifications. Although the application need not include the materials themselves, evidence such as resolutions, awards, and acknowledgements of outstanding service to the University should be cited in sufficient detail.
  • Approval of the University President

Student Senate President Emeritus

Photo of Ella Fritzemeier

Ella Fritzemeier:

  • Major: Finance and Economics
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Honors College Student
  • Served as President (2016 - 2017), Vice President for Public Relations (2015 - 2016) & Senator (2013 - 2015)
  • Designated Emeritus on March 23, 2017

Letter of Support

Ella's Proudest Accomplishments:

  • Created the Snacks with Senators Annual Event
  • Created the now annual Meet the Candidates Event
  • Collaborated on various statements to address the divisiveness of the 2016 Elections
  • Voter engagement efforts (Voter vans, registering students to vote, post-election dialogues)
  • Increased visibility of the presidency
  • Served on the Provost Search Committee
  • Second Fall Break resolution passed 

Ella Fritzmeier with T. Haas and Eileen Sullivan, the former dean of students