Student Senate Committees

Senate Resources Committee

The Senate Resources Committee is dedicated to developing and maintaining an efficient and effective Student Senate. The Senate Resources Committee shall enforce its established Student Senate rules and facilitate Senator development and maintain order amongst members of the General Assembly. The Senate Resources Committee handles attendance and misconduct, plans bonding events for Senators, and handle new appointments when the body is not full.

The Allocations Committee will effectively administer the Student Life Fund to student organizations for the enhancement of campus life and individual student development at Grand Valley State University; evaluate all monetary expenditures and events ensuring Student Life Funds are being used for the enhancement of campus life. The Allocations Committee is made up of Senators from the other six standing committees.

The Public Relations Committee shall be dedicated to informing the Student Senate of the public opinion and concerns of the student body, ensuring an accurate image of the Student Senate, and informing the student body of Student Senate activities and legislation. Furthermore, the Public Relations Committee shall foster student awareness of important campus issues. Public Relations maintains the Student Senate social media, bulletin board, and website. They also create promotional material, and focus on engaging with students across campus.

The Campus Affairs Committee shall monitor all campus-oriented issues, inform the Student Senate and administration of these issues and act as the voice of the students ensuring that their best interests are fulfilled. Campus Affairs interacts with University officials to ensure student goals are met, acts as a liaison with Campus Dining and student support services and more.

The Educational Affairs Committee will remain informed on the changing system of education at Grand Valley State University, maintain close contacts with University academic committees, and ensure a strong student voice in the shaping of academic policies. Educational Affairs works with the different colleges and with University Libraries and promotes the use of Open Access Resources across campus.

The Diversity Affairs Committee will consider and act upon policy, practices, and issues; make recommendations to the Student Senate and University administration; create an open dialogue between Student Senate and organizations that have a multicultural interest or focus; facilitate awareness and open communication; research and investigate various forms of discrimination against students related to, but not limited to, matters of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status, disability, origin, and other matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Diversity Affairs works with the different social justice centers on campus, as well as the Division of Inclusion and Equity. 

The External Relations Committee will be responsible for engaging people and groups beyond Grand Valley State University's campus. By working with community leaders and representatives from other universities, members of this committee will ensure that Grand Valley State University is well-connected and well-equipped to continue to serve both the student body and the community. External Relations communicates with the local governments of Allendale and Grand Rapids, other universities across the state, local organizations and schools, and University Relations.

Page last modified March 4, 2021