Make Student Voices Heard by Applying for VSAB

Written by Andreas Fields
Posted on March 5, 2021

The Vice Provost Student Advisory Board, or VSAB, has been working since winter 2019 to connect the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students (VPDoS) and Grand Valley students to foster collaborative decision making. Through various meetings, discussions, and brainstorming sessions, the VSAB has been able to tackle pressing issues that impact students. Learn more about VSAB’s impact on its current members and discover if VSAB is right for you.

What is VSAB?

Starting in winter 2019, the Vice Provost Student Advisory Board (VSAB) has been working with Dean Loren Rullman, the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, to construct conversation around topics that are important to GVSU students. VSAB has been able to share student opinions to communicate what matters most to Grand Valley students. Members are briefed on topics before meetings so they can be familiar with the ideas they’re discussing.

VSAB is made up of 10-15 diverse student voices. One of them is Kylie Beaudoin. Joining VSAB the first semester it started up, Kylie was excited to "contribute to student life" and get more involved on campus. Members are encouraged to be authentic when sharing their experiences at Grand Valley so Dean Rullman can better understand how to tackle issues that arise. As a member of VSAB, Kylie has been able to connect with more students and engage in "additional conversations outside of VSAB that impact the future of our university."

Vice Provost Student Advisory Board

Another member, Evan Bonello, has been a part  of VSAB since winter 2019. Evan applied and joined VSAB so he could “advocate for students and have the opportunity to give student insight to university administration.” Throughout his time in VSAB, Evan has also been able to grow personally and professionally; he has gained “on-campus and off-campus networking opportunities” that have allowed him to connect with other members in the Grand Valley community and beyond.

VSAB wants to promote diverse student opinions and experiences, so it encourages Lakers from all backgrounds to consider applying. VSAB offers opportunities to connect with staff members and fosters a greater understanding between staff and students.

Amplifying student voices gives you the chance to make Grand Valley the best it can be for all Lakers.

This application is now closed.

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