Isolation 101: Tips to Manage Social Distancing

Written by: Beth Baranski
Published on: 3/18/2020

With everything going on right now, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. While it’s absolutely vital to pay close attention to the CDC recommendations, there are still a few things you can do to manage the stress of being isolated from others and work to be as productive as possible.

Set a schedule

Sitting down and making a set schedule for your days can make you feel a bit more normal. Block out hours in your day for homework, meals, sleep, and activities to help these challenging times feel a little more manageable.

Step outside

With spring right around the corner, the warmer weather is giving us a chance to get outside. Taking a short walk around the block or heading to a local park, like Grand Ravines Park in Allendale or Belknap Park in Grand Rapids, can give you some much-needed fresh air.

Chat with friends and family

Technology is a wonderful thing! With video chats from FaceTime to Google Hangouts, it’s easy to stay in contact with your friends and family. With everything going on, it’s important to check in with each other.

Movie/game nights

Now’s a great time to catch up on the newest seasons of your favorite show or break out those trusty board games. If you’re cooped up in your house with your roommates, grab a spot on the couch and a deck of cards. If you’re home alone, video chat with a friend to talk, play a game, or even watch a movie together.

Pick up a new hobby

Never had a chance before to learn that new recipe or start a new art project? Well, grab your paintbrush or crack open that cookbook. There’s plenty of time to start that new hobby you’ve been dreaming of, and you’ll have some fun new skills to show off when social distancing ends.

The best thing to remember is to just keep breathing and take each day as it comes. Keep checking in with your friends and family and stay strong. Don’t forget that GVSU offers plenty of online resources to help you.

Page last modified July 20, 2020