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Speech Lab Class Talks & Workshops

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Consultants are available to assist with any part of the presentation process, including the following:

- Choosing a speech topic

- Developing a speech purpose statement

- Selecting source material for speech content

- Crafting an organized and/or outlined presentation

- Producing visual aids

- Effectively introducing and concluding speeches

- Speech delivery

- Speech anxiety

- Speech recording

Consultants can also visit your classroom and bring the Speech Lab to you. We offer a wide variety of oral communication workshops that include: 

- Class talks (brief introduction of our services and how to work with us) 

- Presentation basics 

- Speech anxiety 

- Delivery 

- Visual aids

- Group presentations 

- Elevator pitches 

However, based on your class and assignment needs we can customize any of the workshops. If you wish to have Speech Lab consultants come into your classroom and give a workshop on something that you do not see above, please reach out by completing our workshop request form