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Dr. Carl J. Brown

Position: Director 

Degree:  PhD in Interpersonal Communication

Favorite Speaking Tactic: Positive thinking is one of the most important things you can do before giving a presentation. Tell yourself that everyone in the audience woke up excited to hear you today and you are the star of the show. 

Most days you can find Director Carl Brown in the Speech Lab. If he is not doing paperwork, crunching numbers, or digging through research, he is likely chatting it up with the consultants. Carl earned his PhD from The University of Southern Mississippi and has been interested in the power of words for most of his life. He has been a competitive speaker, a debate coach, and a professor, but his favorite thing to do is, without question, lead the GV Speech Lab!


Victor Carter

Position: Consultant

Major: Advertising/Public Relations with an emphasis in PR

Minor: Digital Studies 

Favorite Speaking Tactic: The four step breathing is a great way to focus on something other than your speech. It makes you focus on taking deep breaths and counting to four... and before you know it you are ready to kill your presentation!

An interesting fact about Victor is that Victor isn't even his real name! His real  name is Royal Victor Carter, but has gone by Victor ever since he could talk. He is constantly listening to music... which usually ends up being mainly J. Cole. When he is not working, studying, or jamming out to J. Cole, you can find Victor playing basketball in the rec, watching Netflix or playing on his Xbox. 

Landyn Teachout

Landyn Teachout

Position: Consultant 

Major: Communication Studies 

Favorite Speech Tactic: Practice makes perfect! Practice your speech multiple times out loud to a pretend audience. That will make it so that when you actually have to give the speech, it comes naturally.

When Landyn isn’t studying or fulfilling her duties as an Resident Assistant at GVSU, she is watching ride-throughs of Disney World attractions on YouTube and pretending she’s there. In her free time, Landyn enjoys watching Netflix, reading, writing, listening to music, and drawing. Landyn is excited to work with you through the Speech Lab! 

Brady Mills

Brady Mills

Position: Consultant

Major: Advertising/Public Relations with an emphasis in PR; Public and Nonprofit Administration

Minor: French

Favorite Speaking Tactic: Excitement. No matter what the topic, the audience, or your feelings on your speaking skills, find something about your message that excites you. When you convey genuine joy and passion, people want to listen. 

Brady is a passionate people-person. He spends his free time doing anything that allows him to interact with, learn about, and entertain others. He enjoys playing tennis, he dabbles in piano, and he is an incredibly average disc golfer. One day, he hopes to host a talk show.

Hannah Shelton

Hannah Shelton

Position: Consultant 

Major: Pharmacy 

Favorite Speaking Tactic: Use the power of visualization to control stage fright! The key to this tactic is to create a vivid mental blueprint in which you can see yourself succeeding in your speech. Concentrate on communicating with your audience and be authentic in your message. This will also create a feeling of comfort that will help ease anxiety. 

I believe a significant part of our educational journeys is learning the foundations of proper communication in order to excel in our future professions! Working as a pharmacy technician has opened my eyes about how essential it is to be an effective communicator. When I am not counting pills, I enjoy running, doing DIY projects, and hiking with my dog Milo! But my favorite thing to do is help others learn and utilize their fullest potential!  

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