BUS 380 Courses

One credit upper division Business classes.

Offered Spring/Summer, Fall and Winter!

Need 1 or 2 credits to 120? Take BUS 380!

Need an upper division Seidman elective? Take three 1 credit BUS 380 classes!

Looking to sharpen skills in specific areas? Take a BUS 380 that most interests you!

Cannot be taken C/NC, and do not count toward major elective credit.

Fall 19 & Winter 20

BUS 380 01
Teamwork and Collaboration

Develop your knowledge, strategies, and skills for being an effective team member and collaborator.  Investigate what it takes to positively impact organizations toward personal and professional goal achievement. Understand the strategy behind collaboration, the practical applications of problem solving and the creativity that comes from working with others.  

BUS 380 02
Marketing Yourself

Meet the challenges of the work world with confidence and poise! Learn how to leverage your knowledge, skills and abilities, to fully develop personal skills that lead to professional success.  Develop timely advice on business entertaining, dining etiquette, written communications, appropriate attire for any business occasion, conventions, trade shows, job searches and interviews, gift-giving, overseas travel and more.  This knowledge can be the difference in getting ahead or getting left behind. 

BUS 380 03
Project Management: The Basics for Success

Acquire a solid understanding of project management and sharpen your problem solving skills. Use hands-on approaches to problem solving ranging from solving puzzles to building sky scrapers. Develop skills via unique project management scenarios, and by identifying best practices through short cases and vignettes. 

BUS 380 04
Data Knowledge

How can you make good business decisions if you can’t trust your information? From conducting surveys to disseminating results to your management team, learn the steps to take and the traps to avoid when dealing with data.

BUS 380 05
Financial Decisions

People don’t plan to fail…they simply fail to plan.  This course will help you put all of the financial pieces in place so you will have a successful financial future. 

BUS 380 06
Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial Basics exposes students to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and the key essentials of being a successful entrepreneur.  Learn through a highly engaging mix of lectures, videos, case studies, exercises, and tours. Focus topics include: the entrepreneurial mindset, opportunity assessment, customer & value, and entrepreneurial action.