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These skills become even more valuable as you continue, both professionally and personally.  At Seidman College of Business, we developed a groundbreaking mentorship program that fosters learning agility for students and mentors.

First and Second Year Students


Mentees are first-year students paired with Peer Mentors that are upper level students (e.g., junior and senior status).

Peer Mentors
Upper Level Students


Peer Mentors are upper level students (e.g., junior and senior status).

They mentor Mentees and receive mentorship from Business Mentors.

Business Mentors
Community Professionals


Business Mentors are professionals that meet with Peer Mentors.


Mentees + Peer Mentors

  • Navigate the university
  • Access resources
  • Identify interests and possible career paths

Peer Mentors + Business Mentors

  • Explore and identify careers
  • Help establish work-life balance
  • Provide a sounding board for life's questions


  • Connect with your mentor or mentee biweekly or monthly.
  • Spend on average one-hour per month on the program.
  • Options to communicate via text, phone, video, or in-person.


  • Thoughtful mentor and mentee pairing
  • Support provided by the Seidman College of Business Mentorship office
  • Invitations to the Seidman College of Business Mentorship networking and community events
  • Satisfaction of giving back to Grand Valley State University and making a difference in a student’s life

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Episode 1 | Podcast Episode 1 | Transcript

Today on the show we welcome Anna Obi.  Anna is a Senior with a double major in criminal justice - legal studies and juvenile justice. Anna hails from Brampton, Ontario, where she mastered the track and field sport of triple jump.  She holds the Grand Valley school record for a massive 12.11m leap and earned GLIAC All-Academic Honors.  Anna and I talk about why you may want a mentor in your life, how to find one, and how to establish a relationship.

Episode 2 | Podcast  Episode 2 | Transcript

Hello, this is Sidney Bachman; I am a Graduate Student at Grand Valley State University and work in the Seidman Advisory Office. On today’s show, I interview the MentorShip Captain Himself: Gerry Cooke.  Gerry is Director of Mentorship for the Seidman School of business, an MBA candidate, and a lifelong Laker.  He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1998 from Seidman, founded a club sport, earned the President’s Award, and volunteered in the professional mentorship program since its inception 8 years ago. After 25 years of professional work in public relations and sales, Gerry has decided to return to GVSU to pursue his passion for mentorship. This episode discusses the Seidman Mentorship program, its mission and goals, how it works, what to expect if you join, and the tangible benefits of being a mentor or mentee.

Episode 3 | Podcast  Episode 3 | Transcript

Today on the show, I interview Bob Stoll.  Bob is legendary at Grand Valley, having served students at Grand Valley for 38 years, under 4 different University presidents as associate dean and director of student life.  The Office of Student Life, under Stoll's leadership, expanded to oversee club sports, Student Senate, Greek life, student organizations, and more.  Today there are more than 400 student organizations. It has been said, "Often Bob was the first person you see when you arrive on campus during orientation and the last person you see when you leave GVSU at commencement." Despite his busy schedule, Bob always made time for and mentored many students, including myself.  Today we talk about mentorship from the Mentor’s perspective.

Episode 4 | Podcast  Episode 4 | Transcript

Today on the show, I welcome Grand Valley president Emeritus Don Lubbers. Lubbers served as university president from 1969 to 2001 making him the longest-serving university leader in the country. Lubbers is credited with the growth of Grand Valley and its reorganization from a collection of colleges to a full-fledged university. Lubber's style as president was a combination of community and state government hobnobbing, and a congenital form of an open door, enlightened paternalism on campus. We discussed the legacy of Bill Seidman, who was immortalized by the GV business school that bears his name. Bill was a successful businessman, an advisor to four presidents, and credited with the major role in the founding of Grand Valley State University. President Lubber shares what the university was like in the beginning, his hope for students now, and the role mentorship plays in the fabric of Laker life. 

Episode 1 | Podcast  Episode 1 | Transcript

Today on the show, I host a round table of pro mentors, peer mentors, and mentees. We review the pilot year of the Seidman mentorship program, sharing our experiences and offering advice to those who are interested in joining us. You can hear the warmth and passion of these wonderful volunteers who decided to come aboard and share their voyage with others. 

Podcast S2:E1 Transcript S2:E1

Today on the show, I host a Roundtable of self-identified introverts and extroverts, two students and two professionals discuss the ways we approach situations, how we are different, and how we are the same. I am fascinated by the social scripts each style uses to achieve the common goal of success in school, business, and life. 

Episode 1 | Podcast Episode 1 | Transcript

Today on the show, I welcome Professor Kevin Lehnart. Professor Lehnert has a Ph.D. in international marketing business from St. Louis University, an MBA in economics from Loyola, a MA in philosophy from Boston College, and two BAs in philosophy and psychology from St. Louis University. Professor Lehnert and I talk about the walls and pathways that students encounter when they first come to Grand Valley and the opening ways in which we can better mentor each other. And throughout the entire university, we focus on vulnerability. A concept that seems simple at first and is at the key and the heart of mentorship. 



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