Online Course Outline

 (Classes are subject to change and/or cancellation. Minimum class size is 8 students. If a class does not have the minimum enrollment by the registration deadline, it may be cancelled. Registration deadlines for each class are listed on the registration form.)

Course Contact Hours - For each of 5 courses (except FPC 306, Capstone)

The CFP Board's requirement is 45 hours per course, on average.

  • 12.0      2 hours of live chat with the instructor per week
  • 12.0      Discussion boards (2 posted discussion questions from the ME books each week - 2 one hour sessions per week)
  •   6.0      1 hour quiz per week
  •   3.0      Final exam - minimum score required
  • 12.0      2 hours per week of graded problems
  • 45.0      Total contact hours per course

Note: Students required to login online 4 out of 7 days per week and the first discussion post must be done by Thursday at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) each week.


  • 24%      Discussions, 4 points each week (2pts per question)
  • 24%      Weekly quiz, 4 points each week
  • 28%      Final exam (3 sets of 20 questions - an accommodation to Blackboard's stability)
  • 24%      Weekly problems, 4 points each week
  • 100%

Note:  A minimum score of 75% in the course is necessary to pass the course.  Students who do not achieve this score can retake the exam within 1 week of the class end date. If still not at 75%, then the course needs to be retaken at full course cost.

Course Descriptions

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