Scribe Role


Medical Scribes work one-on-one with healthcare providers by documenting patient care in real-time, at the bedside, through the use of the electronic medical record.  Working as a scribe can be exciting, fast paced, and extremely educational.  Scribes interested in pursuing a career in a healthcare profession can gain a competitive edge and set themselves apart from their peers. Whether a common cold or life threatening trauma, scribes gain valuable medical knowledge and exposure to the decision making process of healthcare providers.

Medical scribes can work in emergency departments and medical offices. Part-time and full-time positions available!

Below are frequently asked questions and responses from a Helix Scribe, Melina Brown

How did scribing help with relationships with providers?

Can scribing help with personal relationships with providers too?

How many contact hours might I be able to get?

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How can scribing help form my career path and professional goals?

Is scribe work recommended during my gap year?

Will scribe work help me in professional school clinicals?

How can scribing form me professionally in the hospital setting?

How is GVSU and Helix Scribes Solutions supportive of my goals?

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