Guidelines for Writing a Successful Final Sabbatical Report


The sabbatical is a focused time for scholarship or creative exploration in your field. A successful sabbatical energizes you and pushes your scholarship or creative goals forward in ways that are not possible given normal faculty workloads. Thorough planning, well in advance of your application, is essential to making the most of a sabbatical. A well written sabbatical report at the conclusion of your sabbatical is also essential, both to demonstrate the success of the sabbatical project and to substantiate the salaried support given for the sabbatical.

The goal of these Guidelines is to help faculty members understand what is required of the sabbatical report. To that end, the Guidelines highlight the elements of a well-prepared sabbatical report.

General Guidelines

  1. When is my sabbatical report due? You are encouraged to submit your sabbatical report as soon as possible, but not later than the end of the first semester after your return.
  2. What if I miss the deadline? Your eligibility for applying for your next sabbatical is normally seven years, provided your sabbatical report is submitted and approved on time as detailed in #1 (above). If you submit your sabbatical report late, your next sabbatical is calculated from the date of the Provost's approval letter for your sabbatical report.
  3. Why would someone’s sabbatical report not be approved? It might not be clearly written. It might be incomplete.  Most likely, though, it would not be approved because it does not address the items we list in the following section, “The Sabbatical Report.”
  4. What if I had to change my project?  If you had to significantly alter your sabbatical plans (e.g., change the goals of your sabbatical), you’ll need to attach the written approval for the change you received from the Provost. Significant changes to alter your project without prior approval will impact your ability to get future sabbaticals.
  5. What is the expected style of the sabbatical report? The report itself should be clearly written and geared toward a general audience of non-specialists. (The faculty members reading your report may come from a wide variety of disciplines.)
  6. How long should my sabbatical report be? The sabbatical report should be no longer than 1250 words in length, double-spaced.  It is quite useful, but not required, to have an executive summary/abstract at the top of the report (approximately 400 words). 
  7. I published an article. Should I attach a copy? No, instead you should include the citations for outcomes of your work (e.g., abstracts, articles, manuscripts, recordings, etc.).
  8. What do I do with my sabbatical report? You are responsible for submitting your Sabbatical Report electronically through the MyApps Site.
  • Log into the MyApps Site (
  • Under the 'My Applications' tab, locate your original sabbatical proposal
  • Click ‘View/Report’ associated with your sabbatical proposal
  • Scroll to the bottom of the proposal until you reach the Sabbatical Report section
  • Click ‘Download Sabbatical Final Report Template
  • Save the Word template to your computer
  • When you complete your Sabbatical Report, convert the Word document to PDF
  • To upload the Sabbatical Report document to the MyApps Site, return to the Sabbatical Report section in your original sabbatical proposal and click the ‘Browse’ button
  • Click ‘Submit Report’ to complete the process

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