Guide to Other Required Information

The following items may need to be uploaded to complete your sabbatical proposal in the electronic system. Be sure to have documents saved as a PDF file and ready to upload as needed.

Supporting Documents

1.   Curriculum Vitae (not to exceed 5 pages)- Required

Attach a condensed copy of your CV focused on your scholarly or creative accomplishments, especially those most relevant to the nature of the proposed work. If your normal CV exceeds 5 pages, please condense it to this length by eliminating some of the information not relevant to your sabbatical application.

2.   Arrangements with people at other institutions

If your project depends on the help of collaborators, is occurring at another institution or location, or involves the use of facilities at another location, you must provide a letter from the parties involved to document any agreement about these arrangements. This letter (or these letters) should:

  • If possible, be on letterhead; if not, they should come from a verifiable professional email address.
  • Demonstrate that the writer understands the proposer’s expectations. This should align with your expectations that you have detailed in the project plan and demonstrate a broad understanding of what the project entails. A letter that only acknowledges that you are coming to an institution does not demonstrate that it will be able to provide what you need to succeed.
  • If the letter is not in English, please provide translation.
  • For books, indicate interest of potential publisher if available. You may append correspondence.

3.    Other supporting documentation

Supporting documents may include:

  • Book outline or table of contents in support of criteria 6.
  • Bibliography or reading list

You are not required to solicit additional letters of support for your proposal. However, if there is some extraordinary circumstance that you feel requires additional supporting letters or documentation it could be included here. This is not a place to attach reprints of papers, scholarly writings or past creative works.

4.   Previous Sabbatical Report

If you had a previous sabbatical, the final report submitted at the conclusion of your leave must be submitted.

Page last modified June 3, 2019