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November 2023 - Warming and Eutrophication’s Child: Rising Hypoxia in Earth's Natural Waters

September 2023 - Carbon at the Center of the Climate Crisis

April 2023 - Saving Biodiversity to Save Our Life-Sustaining Biosphere

March 2023 - The 1 mm Journey: Daily Microbial Movement that Possibly Shaped the Early Biosphere

January 2023 - Longtermism: Promise of Thinking Long-Term about Future Generations

October 2021 - A review of the book “The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet” – for K-Grey

September 2021 - A review of the children’s book “The Tantrum that Saved the World” by Megan Herbert and Michael Mann (2018) for K-8 grades

March 2021 - Small Things Considered: How Very Tiny Housekeepers Run Our Very Big Hydrosphere

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