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Drawing of Roger B Chaffee

Roger That! is a two-day public symposium, honoring the memory of Grand Rapids astronaut Roger B. Chaffee and promoting interest in STEM in general and space exploration specifically. Born in Grand Rapids, Chaffee was an astronaut, pilot and engineer. On January 27, 1967, while Gus Grissom, Ed White and Chaffee conducted pre-flight testing, an electrical fire broke out leading to conditions inside the capsule that took the lives of all three of the Apollo 1 astronauts.

Life in Space

February 16-17, 2024

This year's theme is "Life in Space" and our keynote is retired astronaut Dr. Robert Satcher, an African-American oncologist at MD Anderson Medical Center in Houston.

The event also includes presentations on various aspects of Life in Space and STEM-based activities for all ages. STEM kits on plant growth aligned with 5th grade NGSS guidelines are available to schools in GRPS and KISD.

Dr. Robert Satcher, NASA (retired)

Dr. Robert Satcher, NASA (retired)

Roger That! includes activities for all ages: Friday begins with a presentation at GVSU on plant growth in space at 9am, followed online presentations aimed at high school/college students and the general public. GVSU also hosts a design challenge for local 4th - 8th graders, STEM workshops and K12 activities, and the keynote Friday at 6:30pm is appropriate for all ages. GRPM hosts field trips on Friday and family-friendly activities on Saturday, with the keynote at 11am.

Grand Valley State University's Seidman Center (50 Front Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504)
All activities at GVSU are free of charge.

Grand Rapids Public Museum (272 Pearl Street NW, Grand Rapids Michigan 49504)
The keynote at GRPM is free of charge; other activities are included with museum admission ($12 for adults with discounts for Kent County residents and seniors, $5 for children/students with free admission for Kent county children).

Email: [email protected]

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