Van Andel Institute for Education Empowers K-12 School Administrators with Flexible Resources

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Van Andel Institute for Education (VAI) has always been committed to helping K-12 schools begin the new academic year with the support they need. In an ongoing effort to school administrators, VAI is supplying a variety of digital and downloadable resources designed to promote widespread growth. This includes tools to better support their teachers, foster classroom inquiry, and connect with other administrators who share their passion for education. Best of all, these flexible resources allow administrators to customize their support to meet their time and content goals. These resources include:

Better Together-A Virtual Event for K-12 Administrators: The 2022-2033 school year is the perfect time to reimagine what teaching and learning can look like in our schools. Discover what K-12 administrators have identified as their top priorities this year and discuss ways to successfully address them with other K12 administrators from around the country. Join this free one-hour virtual event to learn and share what's working, what's not, and how best to address the most important issues facing K-12 administrators.

Flex PD: Discover a comprehensive yet affordable professional development model that promotes tangible shifts in practice and is robustly supported by research and teachers. Customize a PD plan with your choice of workshops, sessions, and coaching. Get started with a free PD Needs Analysis that helps determine a learning target. Administrators will also receive a customized report which they can use to chart their goals.

Blue Apple Projects: Making project-based learning (PBL) a reality takes time -a teacher's most precious commodity. That's where Blue Apple comes in. VAI does the heavy lifting in the planning, so teachers can do what they do best - teach. Administrators can support their teachers by exploring ten engaging projects that apply inquiry-based learning to real-world problems. Bring the power of PBL to your school with Blue Apple Projects.

Van Andel Institute for Education's mission is to create classrooms where curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking thrive.

VAI never wants cost to be a prohibiting factor in quality education for students or teachers. For more information about VAI's resources for educators and families, please visit or email at [email protected].

Page last modified November 7, 2022