Join us for the April session in the Grand Morsels virtual learning series!

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Join us Tuesday, April 26 at 7:00pm for session #4!

We are not alone: The Science behind Handwashing
Presented by Dr. Stephen Rybczynski, GVSU Department of Biology

Studies show that millions of Americans will get acute diarrhea this year.  If there was something you could do to significantly reduce your chances of falling ill, would you do it?  What if it also reduced your chance of getting a respiratory infection and took less than a minute?  Proper hand washing is a great way to help keep you and your family healthy.  Find out all about the microbes that live in, on, and around us, and learn why handwashing works, how to do it properly, and the pros and cons of hand sanitizer.

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K-12 teachers, students, families, and the community are invited to participate in the new learning series, Grand Morsels; virtual sessions communicating science concepts.  The name Grand Morsels was chosen to reflect our intent to break down (digest) large or difficult scientific topics into interesting and understandable bite-size morsels.

Each month, GVSU faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) will be sharing their expertise in an interesting and practical manner with the theme of Science is Everywhere Around Us, hosted by the Regional Math and Science Center (RMSC).  The programs will be interactive with time for questions.

These presentations will be held on the last on Tuesday of the month during the academic year and last approximately 45 minutes.

SCECHs are available Educators will receive .75 SCECH for each session attended (awarded at the end of each semester).

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