From the Regional Math & Science Center at Grand Valley State University
May 2020 | Volume 27, Number 4

Dr. Kristofer Pachla

RMSC Director's Notes

It's Time to Save our Schools by Dr. Kristofer Pachla

It’s been quite the end of the year: Districts have moved to fully remote learning. Students are finding ways to engage outside of the four walls of a physical classroom and using online video platforms, chat rooms, and the space around them to learn. Teachers are working to fill the gap left by two and a half months of in-person instruction and supporting their students in any way possible. Parents are trying to find ways to support their students, maintain household structures, and work from home. This isn’t what anyone signed up for.

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Connections for STEM Classroom

On the 50th Earth Day, A New Course: ENS 310 - How the Biosphere Works

Bopi Biddanda, Annis Water Resources Institute, Grand Valley State University

On December 24th 1968, the crew of Apollo 8, looked up to see a blue Earth with white swirls rise above the stark lunar surface.  Ever since, this image of our lonely home planet set against the dark expanse of the universe has captivated our attention, galvanized the environmental movement, and initiated the celebration of Earth Day.  It appears, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year, is a good time to compose and teach a course on our home planet and its unique biosphere.  The course is also timely due to the unprecedented environmental changes taking place today under a human-dominated Earth – stressing the complex biosphere that sustains us all.  Furthermore, as the covid-19 pandemic ravages our world, the importance of a global and interconnected perspective could not be more urgent.

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Fall Science Update - Save the Date and Call for Presenters

The GVSU Regional Math and Science Center invites you to the 36th annual Fall Science Update!  Kindergarten through college educators are invited to attend on the evening of Tuesday, November 10 on the GVSU Allendale campus.

This year's Theme is: Distance Teaching in a Time of Crisis

If you have a topic or expertise to offer, please join us in presenting at this year’s conference by submitting your application.

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Math in Action 2021: Save the Date and Call for Proposals

Save the date for next year's Math in Action conference, which will be on Saturday February 20, 2021. Math in Action is a professional development conference for in- and pre-service teachers that focuses on active, practice, use-in-your-classroom-tomorrow activities and ideas.

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STEM Activities and Awareness Days for Summer

Every season has reasons to celebrate STEM! Summer brings World Oceans Day, World Brain Day, and National Sand Castle Day, to celebrate at home and outdoors.
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