Outstanding Religious Studies Thesis Award

Fall 2017 - Jordan Walker

Jordan Walker - Fall 2017

Jordan Walker
"The Yoga Sutras"

Fall 2016 - Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith


Sarah Smith

"Ghanaian Christianity and Negotiations of Power"

Winter 2016 - Victoria Price

Victoria Price


Victoria Price

"Globalization, Modernization, And The Impacts Western Culture Has Had On An Ancient Practice: An Investigation Of Postural Yoga In America"

Fall 2015 - AJ Swieringa

AJ 2015

AJ Swieringa

"Sacred Words Beyond Sacred Texts: An Argument for Scholarly Work in the “Christian Life” Literary Genre"

Winter 2015 - Elizabeth Nienhouse

Elizabeth Nienhouse

"Religion and Public Policy: Inclusion or Separation?"

Winter 2014 - Lexi VanHaitsma

Lexi VanHaitsma

Lexi VanHaitsma
was named first Outstanding Religious Studies Thesis Award Winner
in Winter 2014 for her thesis titled:
"Prophecy as Praxis: Why Mysticism is a Form of Intelligence"

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