Job Responsibilities

RAs engage, support, and develop residential students through community building, program facilitation, crisis response, policy enforcement, conflict mediation, and resource referral. The RA position includes the following responsibilities:


  • RAs foster a safe, inclusive, and welcoming atmosphere for academic, social, cultural and emotional growth
  • RAs build relationships and encourage residential student interaction and involvement



  • RAs plan and facilitate programming in the areas of community building, academic success, citizenship, and intercultural competency



  • RAs serve on an on-call duty rotation in their assigned community
  • RAs respond to residential and facilities crises and policy violations
  • RAs are trained to report residential and University policy and Federal law violations



  • RAs participate in Pre-Employment, Fall and Winter training as well as ongoing professional development via monthly in-services and weekly staff meetings and one on one supervisor meetings
  • RAs serve as positive representatives of GVSU and HRL



  • RAs are responsible for various reporting and response related to health and safety, occupancy, and MySuccessCheck
  • RAs assist with general community administration via ancillary assignment responsibilities

Position Requirements & Eligibility

RAs must exhibit strong time management, critical thinking, problem solving, and interpersonal communication skills. RAs serve as positive role models, acting always as representatives of Housing and Residence Life and Grand Valley State University, and must possess the ability to maintain confidentiality. To be considered for the RA position, candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • The candidate will have completed at least one year at a college or university prior to the start of the position.
  • New and returning staff members must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA while in the position.
  • RAs must be enrolled full-time at the University.
  • Candidates must submit the RA Application and Housing Application by the posted deadline and pass the academic and criminal history background check.


RAs receive a scholarship for room and board as compensation for the RA position. The position also includes extensive training and professional development opportunities.

*You are encouraged to consult with Financial Aid about how the RA position may affect your financial aid status.

Time Commitment

  • Opening & Closing: RAs are responsible for facilities and administrative duties related to the opening and closing of buildings for the Fall and Winter semesters.
  • Duty: RAs participate in an on-call duty rotation in their communities on both weekday evenings and weekends, completing rounds and being present for residents. 
  • Staff Meetings/One on One Supervisor Meetings: Each staff of RAs meets once weekly as a team, typically in the evenings. Additionally, each RA will meet with one of their supervisors weekly.
  • In-services: RAs attend monthly professional development sessions, held on Fridays from 4-6 p.m.
  • Community Building & Programming: RAs are expected to be present within their living centers, engage with residents, focus on needs of the community, and build relationships. RAs plan and facilitate events for the community in alignment with the residential curriculum and individual community development plan
  • Ancillary Assignments: RAs are assigned additional professional development responsibilities. Examples include intramural sport team management, communication within the community, and staff development.