Scholarships & Awards

Greta and Arthur DeLong Psychology Scholarship


This new scholarship fund is established to recognize the scholastic achievements and financial needs of junior, senior or graduate level students. Scholarship awards will be made to one student from Psychology Department.

Holliday-Willey Psychology Scholarship for the Study of Autism Spectrum Disorders


This scholarship was established for students who are interested in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and plan a future career or service working with individuals with ASD.

The Hendersen Leadership Award


Named after the Psychology Department’s longest-serving and most transformative Chair, the Robert Hendersen Leadership Award recognizes students who demonstrate effective leadership and commitment to others in their campus, community, or work environments, and whose engagement in these activities has drawn upon or enriched their knowledge of psychology.

Department Excellence Awards


These Awards are given annually by the Department and they honor undergraduate students in Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience who have shown excellent performance in either academics (e.g., classes) or research (e.g., experience or project supervised by a professor). Candidates for these awards are nominated by the Psychology faculty, and decisions are made by the Department Awards Committee.

Page last modified June 21, 2023