Eric Jones, Visiting Professor

Office: 2112 ASH
Phone: (616) 331-2407

Current Semester Schedule


Industrial/Organization Psychology, Social Psychology

Courses Taught

PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology
PSY 300 - Research Methods

Research Interests

My research interests focus on two distinct domains. (1) My work involving group processes focuses on creativity and information exclusion in groups. In particular, I am interested in how mood and beliefs about groups influence creative performance. Moreover, my research investigates how ostracism and being “out of the loop” influence group dynamics (e.g., trust and liking of group members) and organizationally-relevant outcomes (e.g., job satisfaction). My latest projects have concerned interventions and individual differences (e.g., trait mindfulness) that mitigate the effects of ostracism, studied both in lab settings and in the workplace. (2) In the realm of psychology and law, my research examines how mock jurors respond to inconsistent statements present in a witness’s testimony or in confession evidence. I am also interested in understanding the challenges that the wrongfully-convicted face once they leave prison (e.g., securing employment).


Jones, E. E., Bandy, A. D., Palmer, P., Jr. (accepted for publication). "I did it, but not like that": Effects of factually-incorrect confessions on juror judgments. Psychiatry, Psychology, and Law.

Jones, E. E., Wirth, J. H., Ramsey, A. T., & Wynsma, R. L. (in press). Who is less likely to ostracize? Higher trait mindfulness predicts more inclusionary behavior. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

McCarty, M. K., Iannone, N. E., Jones, E. E., & Kelly, J. R. (2018). When inclusion hurts: The role of valence in moderating the effects of being in the loop. The Journal of Social Psychology, 158, 93-108.

Jones, E. E., Palmer, P. G., Jr., & Bandy, A. D. (2015). The effect of inconsistency on evaluations of a second eyewitness: It depends on who testifies first. Psychiatry, Psychology, and Law, 22, 814-829.

Ramsey, A. T., & Jones, E. E. (2015). Minding the interpersonal gap: Mindfulness-based interventions in the prevention of ostracism. Consciousness and Cognition, 31, 24-34.

Jones, E. E., & Lambertus, J. D. (2014). Expecting less from groups: A new perspective on shortcomings in idea generation groups. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, 18, 237-250.