The Interpersonal Aggression Laboratory focuses on understanding a variety of factors contributing to the development, maintenance, and continuation of interpersonal aggression in the context of relationships, particularly romantic relationships. We empirically examine questions like, “What personality and interpersonal characteristics contribute to perpetration/victimization of interpersonal aggression?”, “What relationship facets inhibit or encourage interpersonal aggression?” “What contextual variables contribute to or protect against interpersonal violence in intimate partner relationships?” Our methods include the use of self-report measures, observational data, and experimental studies.

Current ongoing projects include research examining the role of coercion and intimate partner violence in an online format, including tracking, monitoring, and sending unsolicited electronic communications to a partner or former partner. We are also conducting several studies examining coercion in sexting behaviors.

Research assistant duties may include: data entry, database management, library work, data collection, and coding of observational data. Advanced research assistants might have opportunities to be involved in the process of planning, implementing, and presenting research projects

To join the lab, you must meet the following requirements:

  • At least a 3.2 GPA
  • A 10 hour per week commitment (although you won’t always be working the full 10 hours, this would be the maximum time in a week)
  • At least a two semester commitment
  • Must have availability on Monday/Wednesday/Friday for a one-hour research meeting. Tasks will be assigned at that meeting that you will complete on your own time throughout the week, with supervision/consultation with Dr. Cornelius.

If you join the lab, here are some benefits you will receive:

  • Great research experience
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Mentorship/guidance in what graduate school would be like and future career planning
  • Experience using SPSS

Page last modified February 17, 2020