Probation Officer

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Background –

Probation Officers work with probationers (a person who is serving probation) to ensure that they are following the order of the court. Duties include ensuring that the probationer is not endangering themselves or others within the community, meeting frequently with the probationer and possibly the probationer’s family members, and having direct contact with court personnel.

What is the average salary for this career? $50,160*

What classes at GVSU may help me in my career? Discuss with your advisor which courses among those on this list, along with other courses not listed here, would best serve your career goals.
     1. PSY 355 – Psychology & Culture
     2. PSY 331 – Adolescent development
     3. PSY 310 – Behavior Modification
     4. PSY 302 – Psychological Adjustment
     5. PSY 303 – Psychopathology
     6. SOC 251 – Criminology
     7. SOC 389 – Child Maltreatment
     8. CJ 325 – Human Rights
     9. CJ 482 – Culture, Crime & Justice

What skills are important for a Probation Officer to have? It is important to have strong oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, cultural competency, and the ability to work independently or as part of team. In addition, the ability to take on multiple clients at one time and the skill of thinking analytically about problems is also crucial to strive for as a probation officer.

Employer Possibilities – Probation Officers are generally hired by local court systems or state governments.

*Salary from (2017)

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